How to subscribe and unsubscribe on youtube

So you’ve just found a youtube channel who’s videos you truly love, but you have a problem. How do you subscribe to that channel? With this blog I attempt to show you how to do this on both the Ios app and with the website. If you’re looking for how to do it with either just the IOS app or just the website feel free to skip to the appropriate heading.

Subscribing/unsubscribing with the IOS app

To subscribe with the IOS app first find a channel or a video on the channel to which you would like to subscribe to. Next go to the “more actions menu”. If you’re on a channel there will be a random unlabeled number. This is the amount of subscribers a person has at any given moment. Flick up with one finger until you hear “more actions”. The third thing you need to do is double tap on “more actions”. One of the options that should come up is “subscribe”. Double tap that. You should be subscribed. If you’re on a video: find the random number mentioned above, flick up with one finger until you hear “more actions”. Find subscribe, and double tap on it. Please note that you don’t have to click on a video to do this. Just make sure you’re on a video by that person/group’s channel and flick up until you find the “more actions” menu, find subscribe, and double tap on it.

Please note that
unsubscribe does not work with voiceover in the app at the moment and I’m not sure what the problem is, but to unsubscribe you’d repeat the process you used to subscribe. If it worked the videos should disappear out of your subscriptions and it should say “subscribe” when you go to the channel/video. As of writing this you get the notification that you unsubscribed, but the videos still show up in your subscriptions and when you flick up with one finger it still says “subscribed”. I have attempted to contact youtube numerous times in the past via the app store and their twitter and I have yet to receive a response.

Subscribing/unsubscribing with the website

So you want to use the site? That’s fine. The first thing you’ll need to do is find a youtube video or channel you want to subscribe to. The second thing if you found a video is go to the channel by pressing enter on the person’s name. The next thing you want to do is go to the top of the page and find the button (it may be a link) that says “subscribe. Press enter on that. A notification will come up with some options and the first one is subscribe which is what we’re looking for. Press enter on that one. You’ll get a notification that tells you that you’re subscribed. While in this notification you can configure your notification settings which includes whether or not you want to be notified when they post a video, do a livestream ETC. Once you do that hit okay.

To unsubscribe go to the person’s channel. Find the button that says “subscribed” and press enter on it. a dialog box should appear and you’ll need to tab down until you hear “unsubscribe, press enter on it. You can edit your subscription in this dialog box as well. Once you hit enter on the “unsubscribe link in the dialog box you should get a notification that says that you are now unsubscribed. If you do not want to unsubscribe, but still want to edit your subscription preferences you can go over to the next link that says “subscription preferences” and edit your subscription preferences.

Remember that you have to be logged in, in order for this to work. I hope you found this helpful. If you have any questions feel free to tweet me If anything changes I will update this post to reflect that.
Thanks for reading!

Update on the youtube player

Recently Youtube changed their players from what they were before to the html5 player. This has now been done for everyone I am assuming

Now that youtube’s updated it’s player I can now update you on something that I wrote about in a previous blog post. The volume slider can now be accessed by us (blind, and I’m assuming visually impaired people). I’ve tried it on numerous videos, and it seems to work just fine. 🙂

How do you get to it? 1. find the video player. 2. scroll down until you see the second slider. It should be near the bottom of the player. 3. Press inter on it, and use your arrow keys to move the volume up and down. Yes this is in fact, the volume slider. It’s not labeled though. 🙁

I believe that the first slider you’ll encounter is the seek slider. You now also have access to the play/pause button, and mute buttons as well. I hope this is somewhat helpful.

Thanks for reading!

I can't hear youtube, what do I do?

I realize that this is a tech question, but since it is question Wednesday I thought I’d post it anyway. So, what do you do when you can’t hear that youtube video you’ve been dying to hear?
1. Check to make sure it isn’t your computer’s volume. This can be done by playing a sound file of some kind that you have on your computer. If you have no sound files anything else on your computer will work.
2. Go to other youtube videos, and make sure it isn’t that video. Sometimes they are quiet for whatever reason.
3. If the volume has failed all of these tests seek sighted help.
4. Have the sighted person check the volume on the youtube (flash) player to see where it is. If it’s low, have them raise it.
“What if I want to do it?” Too bad. Adobi has made that impossible. If it isn’t Adobi’s fault it’s at least youtube’s. Because we have limited access to the buttons.
“So what buttons do we have access too?” Play, mute, and sometimes but rarely others.
“What if I want to do it myself?” Then I guess you should probably go yell at Adobi/google/youtube. While you’re yelling at google could you tell them to make their comments accessable, so I can reply to/mark mine as spam? That way I don’t have to depend on other sighted people. lol. Thanks!
This question was posed earlier on my twitter timeline, and I thought I’d write a post to explain what to do if this happens. I hope it helps.
Thanks for reading!

How do you organize your house?

Now that I’ve talked about what to do when you move into a new place; let’s talk about how you set up you’re house. I know I touched on this subject in the last blog, but I thought I’d go into a little more detail here.
As I said in the last blog you need to fimillearize yourself with the house after it’s been set up, but you also should take a part in setting up the house. (If you live by yourself you’ll have too anyway) While I walk around the house I try to picture where I think things will go. It’s just a fun little game I play, and it makes the time go by faster. This game has a great benefit to it as well. When the person who’s helping you move in, or the person/people who are moving in with you ask “Where do you want this?” you’ll have some idea about where you want things to go.
This incluedes everything from furnature to your groceries, and everything in between. Want another benefit? It saves time.
If you don’t like… um… let’s go with the furnature arrangement remember that you can change it. Just don’t forget that you did this or you might run into the coffee table where the couch use to be. lol. 🙂
After you move into your house completely do a walk-through to make sure that you know where everything is. You may have to do this several times before you’re absolutely sure where everything is located. Also remember that sighted people don’t always put things right where you want them to go. Remember too that we sometimes don’t give specific enough directions, so sometimes it’s not their fault.
You may wander why I wrote this one and the last blog. Well… the answer is someone on my youtube channel was asking me these questions, so i thought I’d make a couple of blogs about them. As I always say if someone wants to know the answers to these questions wouldn’t someone else want to know the same thing?
I hope these two blogs help someone.
Thanks for reading!

Why do ATM Machines have braille on their numbers?

Let’s immagin that you are going on a road trip. You need cash, so on your way out of town you stop at an ATM machine to get cash. No big deal right? what if you are blind, and the ATM has no braille on it’s numbers? That means you have to depend on the driver. Which also means that you will have to give him/her your pin number. I can see lots of problems with this especially if you don’t know the person that well. For instance they can take out more then you tell them to. But that is not my problem with having no braille numbers on the ATM machine. although that could be a problem for someone else My problem is independence especially when it comes to My money.
Yes blind people can have access to ATM machines especially if they talk, or have braille numbers. We can walk up to them, or ride in the back seat of a car. Maybe the driver can find a way so if we are sitting in the front passenger seat we can reach the ATM machine.
My point is, even if you don’t live that far from an ATM Machine sighted assistance would still be required if they weren’t accessible. Bank Of America’s ATMS are in fact, accessible.
I was watching a video on youtube once and they’ve asked that question. I’ve been meaning to write a blog about it every sense. I wanted to give the reason braille is on the numbers, and the reason is for us (blind people) as well as give my opinion on why other banks should make their ATMs accessible (if they haven’t already), and an example of a bank that has accessible ATMS. Hope you don’t mind.
Happy reading!

Technology Survey given by

As the title says there is a technology survey that webaim is giving. Well I should say that it deals with test to speech Programs such as jaws and NvdA as well as how accessable websites are to blind or visually impaired users. I encourage you to take this survey if you use a text to speech program or a screen magnification program. Ithink That the survey ends January 10th. Someone please correct me if I am wrong about any of this. lol. I’ve taken the survey and it will only take up a few minutes of your time. I promise.
It’s worth it. 🙂
You can find the survey at:

If you think you have to use audio captchas, Try this.

It has come to my attention that people do not know about an earlier blog that I wrote. Yes I hear you loud and clear. That’s why I suggested you take a look at some of the categories. The blog that I am talking about is:
listed in that post is two alternatives to audeo captchas. I would highly reccamend them over audeo captchas. Especially where facebook, youtube, and myspace, just to name a few, is concerned.
have a wanderful week.

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