Using alt text on twitter

I love twitter! I love it because you can get small doses of information in 140 characters or less. I love that you can have conversations with people about something either they or you tweeted. I love that you can quickly send off a private message to… well that all depends on what you have it sat for. I love that you can have different twitter chats which can also help you gain more information.

Having said that there are a lot of things I don’t love about twitter. One of them is that pictures aren’t described on twitter. I realize for sighted people this is not a big deal because you can click on the picture to see it and if you can’t you can just enlarge it or whatever. However, for blind people this is huge! It means that we can’t see the meem you posted so we miss out on the joke. It means that we can’t see the picture of the food, pet, weirdly priced item, or car parked the wrong way. Why? Because we can’t see the pictures so we miss out on the conversations with you.

Having said that let me say this. Twitter has made pictures accessible to us as blind people. How? read this to find out. Now, sighted people could you please use this for all your pictures so we know what’s going on? Please and thank you!

AS far as I know the description of the picture is different from where the actual tweet goes so it doesn’t count against your character limit. I can’t wait to see what kinds of descriptions you come up with.

I feel like this is a good time to do a shameless promotion session so here goes: follow me on twitter. follow the blog on twitter..

A small note: I have been told by a sighted person that the interface twitter uses for this does not prompt you to add a description and that people often forget to add it.o I’m going to encourage you to try to remember for your sake and our sanity. Lol. I hope twitter can fix this soon so that more sighted people will remember to use it. Having it sat up so you can use it only solves part of the problem, but being prompted to use it after it’s sat up might solve the rest. 🙂

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We cannot reply to your emails.

Hi! I thought I would come on here and express my apologies for the lack of replies. Especially if you’ve sent us an email and we’ve never responded. I’m/we aren’t sure what’s going on with it, but we hope to get it fixed as soon as this darn website quits going offline. I/we paid the bills, I promise!

So once again if you do not receive a reply from us do not panic. We will answer you as soon as I figure out what’s wrong with this email. Or maybe I should say “we” not I. If it’s urgant please tweet us I try to check the twitter at least once a day for replies and such. I hope everyone has a great summer. 😀

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Questions and statements that blind people ask, or say to a sighted person.

These are the questions sighted people get asked by blind people. This is their revenge for the questions blind people get asked. I hope you enjoy them.

what do I look like naked? I’m not even going to tackle this one. Unless you’re dating the person there’s no reason to ask such a question. Also, I’d assume that the sighted person looks like a human. I’m also assuming that if you’re dating, and if you really wanted to know you could feel them. The only things you can’t feel are freckles and such, but yeah.

I can’t see myself so I don’t care how I look.” This must have came from a blind person. I have a scenario for you. What if you’re going in for a job interview. I know, it’s a new idea for some of you. The idea that you could get a job. Lol. Anyway, what if you went in for a job interview. If you dress in all ragged clothes (the kind with bleach spots and stains everywhere, holes in them ETC) Do you really think that boss is going to hire you. Unless you’re going to work in a sawmill, or something like that, I don’t think they will. Also, it’s probably a good idea to tuck your shirt in especially if you’re going out to dinner with someone new, or if you’re going on a job interview.

I have been known a time or two to joke about not caring how others perceive me, and how I dress. For the most part I don’t, but when it comes to that nice job interview where I may possibly get a pay check. You can bet that I’m going to do my best to dress as nicely as possible.

What’s a selfie? I included this one on my own because I actually asked my cousin this once, and I’m pretty sure she thought I was dumb. Lol. A selfie is when one takes a picture of themselves, and posts it somewhere, like facebook, or twitter. I have absolutely no clue why people like doing that, but there you have it.

What do you look like? I included this question because my cousin (who I’ve written about above) who is sighted has trouble answering this one. She has trouble telling people what she looks like. I don’t think it’s because she’s use to sending pictures, though that may be part of it for her. However, I as a blind individual have trouble with that too. The truth is that I don’t think about what I look like. So when that question presents itself as it did in the past for the first time. I have trouble answering such a question.

There wasn’t many questions, or statements with this one. I guess we as blind people don’t ask as many questions as our sighted counterparts. :p I’m sorry it took me so long to write this, but I was dealing with some stuff.

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How do you get to the rss feeds, and other things

So I was digging through the spam comments, and I kept seeing “how do you subscribe to the rss feeds?” over and over again. While I’m aware that those may all be spam I thought I’d share how to do that. Because maybe someone hasn’t had the bright idea to go exploring through our website yet. lol. 🙂 Anyway, if you haven’t for whatever reason here’s how you do it.
1. scroll down to the bottom. There you’ll find a bunch of little nuggets of information including: log-in, “posts rss” *faints!* Really? Yes dear reader. and also you’ll find an rss feed for the comments there as well.
2. Click on the link. I know this should be a common sense step, but hey!
3. if you don’t have internet explorer (ie) open it in an rss reader instead of your web browser. Be sure to do that, or it won’t work.
4. subscribe, read, and stop leaving repeat comments. :p
5. if you’re navigating by heading I believe you’ll find the link under the heading that says “meta” or something like that. If you can’t find that heading pull up our twitter timeline or Click here. The link I just posted in the prior sentence contains a link to the rss feed of all of our latest blog posts. If you want the comments one feel free to ask.
“Do you actually read spam comments if so how many?”
Yes. Yes I do dear reader! I read every single one.
Just in case a ligitamate one gets trapped in there.
“Do you have a newsletter to subscribe too?” Nope.
“Your site is slow on (incert whatever browser you want here)” NOt our problem. it works fine over here. Besides we’re not the web host. 🙂 We have nothing to do with it.
“I have an idea for a blog, how do I contact you?” Check out some of our recent posts for the new email address, or go to the about page, scroll down to the bottom. All of our contact info is and will always be there. If it’s listed as contact info; it’s probably a way to get in touch.
“what’s your blog platform/theme?” platform: wordpress. Theme: 2011.
“did you customize the theme yourself?” WordPress has some nice plug-ins, so in that regard, yes.
“Did you pay for/build the theme yourself?” Nope. It was free.
I hope this helps you.
Yes I’m aware that these comments are more than likely just spam, but I wanted to answer them just in case real people had some if not all of the same questions
Oh if you made it this far; here’s the real answers to a couple of the questions I see a lot in the comments. I promise they’re not sarcastic. Though, a lot of those answers (seen above) are things that I want to write back a lot. lol.
“What if the site is really slow, or there’s other website promlems?” Contact us, and we’ll contact the web developer. It’s probably safest to email us or tweet one of us just in case I go on a mass spam deletion thingy and delete it thinking that your comment is spam.
“How do we contact you for podcast ideas, website maintanence, blog ideas, or anything else?” Answer above still applies, but I’ll make it easy on you. As for our twitters you have to locate those on your own by using the answer above. The page called about the living blind blog? yeah that… It’s our about page. Definable by the word “about” hahaha. contact us. I literally have no idea how much easier I can make it.
Now back to deleting spam comments. *loses all of my brain cells, turns into a slobbering idiot* :p seriously though, is everyone brain dead?
Is any real people there at all? *knocks on computer screen* hello! Hello!!
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Introducing: James

So I’m introducing a guy who is gonna write at least one blog post for us. I’m starting up my sort of series where I review all the twitter apps, and the more I thought about it the more I thought: “maybe people would like to see reviews from a user who uses the client on a daily basis.” Since I don’t use most of these clients I thought I’d reqruit some people to review these clients.
I think the first one we’re gonna review is called tween, and even though I used it for a bit I think James has more experience with it being a eregular user of it and all.
“James? Who’s he?” Well he hosts this lovely site, has an email list for Jaws, is via his own words a geek, and a great friend of mine. He’s also blind. I suppose if he wants you to know anything else he’ll include it in his intro… that is if he writes one. “what’s his username?” I have no idea. Right now it’s James, and it’ll either stay that way, or he’ll change it. I’m also certain that if he wants you to know anything he’ll let you know. 🙂
As of now I’m disappearing because I have nothing else to say. lol.
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The special announcement

So for those of you wanderful people who don’t know, this blog may soon have a new home.

Another one?

Yes. But this time it isn’t going on wordpress. Infact, if we can help it we’re going to try and not have anything to do with wordpress.

It’s going to be a blog that we make. The site is going to be a web-hosting blog (like this one) And it will allow other people to make an account and start blogging. This site will be accessible to all blind and visually impaired people.


Because of all the issues that we’ve had with wordpress. (Oh! You thought I was joking when I said in a previous post that that we were thinking about doing this? I wasn’t.)


As soon as we get all of the details worked out. As of right now it’s looking like it might be a huge possibility, and I’m excited.

What will it be Called?


We’ll keep you posted about everything. In the meantime we’ll continue to post blogs. This blog isn’t leaving this site just yet, and neither are we.

I want to thank everyone on twitter and on here who’s been supportive and helped us by giving us suggestions ETC. You are all amazing. I feel like “Thank you” doesn’t cover it, but I don’t know what else I could say that does. 🙂

Thank you! Even if your suggestion was a small one like suggesting a domain name or whatever, thank you!

Thanks for reading!

A message to wordpress and a questtion

Okay so I’m going with this field and hoping that it is indeed the edit field for the body of the blog.

Basically this is what’s going on. I don’t know if wordpress made some sort of changes or what, but regardless their site is now less accessible then it was a couple of months ago. I mean sure it’s had it’s qorks, but it’s never been this bad.

To start with they we (Matt692 ) and I requested help because we couldn’t figure out how to add authors to the twitter, so that their posts will be posted automatically. They email we recieved made absolutely no since. Then there’s the so called “support” of wordpress. It consists of an edit box (not an email address as it should consist of) in which one’s character limit is limited. So we couldn’t explain the situation. and the support was supposed to be dealt with on “an individual basis”? No way?

Then there’s the issue of the themes. The issue of the themes? Yes. There used to be a discription under each theme along with the tags. Now when you go to look at the theme all it says is “details” How exactly is a blind person suppose to choose a theme when they don’t know what they’re choosing?

Then there is thissue. The one where I don’t know if I am in the right edit field or not. the one for the body of the blog use to say “0 words” below it. Now the only two that are labeled at all are the “add a tag” and “title” fields. This issue is the same one that is on the Iphone ap. Except on the Iphone ap None of the labels are labeled.

the previous issue wouldnot be so bad if it wasn’t for the “application mode” Ok First of all What in the heck is that? Second how do I get out of it? Third of all who came up with that bright idea?

While I’m on the subject what is “rich text arrea? Why does jaws take me out of forms mode when I press enter?

Since I’m apparrently ranting about wordpress (and yes I really hope they see it) Why can’t they reply to people on twitter? What’s the point of have one if all one is going to use it for is to post blogs? When are they going to change the time so that we no longer have to do it by hand? After all they’ve been saying that they’re “working on it” every since I got this blog, which was about three years ago.

Why can’t wordpress develop one mabe two or three simple to use themes for blind or visually impaired people. We don’t need more than one collum, and a header that we can’t do anything with ETC. Why do they have drag and drop widgets, when as far as I know blind people can’t drag and drop widgets (I could be wrong about this).

So yes wordpress you care about accessibility. You care about it so much that when someone tells you what you need to fix, and offers to tesst it and makes sure it works you ignore them. I feel so much love from you right now wordpress. NOt!

So If i decided to create a self-hosting blog (like this one) Only more accessible to blind people, what would you want the domain name to be? You may comment here, my facebook fanpage, or the blog twitter, or our personal twitter if you happen to know them.


For those who want know. Application mode is a Jaws issue. I feel like i should apologize to wordpress for that. Though, in all honesty I’ve only had it happen to me on this site. 🙂 anyway to fix this isssue press incert z.

Also I want to clarify something. The site wouldn’t be just a self-hosting site for us. It would be for any blind user who wishees to create a blog.

The blog's brand new twitter and podcast!

Hello everyone!
I hope you all are doing well, and sorry that we haven’t posted anything as of late, due to all of us being busy with college.
Now, on to serious business, and no, not the satelite radio kind. :).
I’d like to introduce the Living Blind Blog twitter at This is where all the updates for the blog will go, and where all the posts that we write to the blog will go as well.
We also have started a podcast page. I had suggested to stephie2010 that we start doing audio blogs to go with some of the written ones, especially for the technology days. We have some great things up our sleve soon, and some surprises that we know you’ll enjoy!
The podcast link is:
The first podcast that I will put up will just be a test.
Now, before I go, a very happy birthday to the amazing creator of this blog, stephie2010! :).
Talk to you all soon, and don’t forget, twitter and podcast greatness!


Recently Yanagram and I discovered a new twitter aplication. Actually she discovered it and sent it to me via twitter. But I had heard of it before. I just didn’t know where to get it.
So what’s it Called?
Twit-monger. In the words of yanagram when she sent me the message through twitter “It’s like qwitter, but better” I hope she doesn’t mind me using that, because it is certainly true.
According to the website:
“Twitmonger is a fork of the no longer developed Qwitter program. However, unlike Qwitter, Twitmonger only has the twitter pieces. We would like to step away from the do everything clients, and rather just focus on one aspect. This is what Twitmonger hopes to achieve.”
Though I am sad to see qwitter go I am very happy about this program that “Just has the twitter pieces.” Because I personally never used qwitter for anything else.
I can’t wait to see how twit-monger develops, what’s added, how things change (if anything changes) etc.
If you would like to download twit-monger here’s the link:
Before you make that final leap and push the download button, please be aware that twit-monger is currently in beta stage.
I would also reccamend that you read the “read me” before you download this aplication as well as everything on the home page of the website. I’m saying this because there is some very useful information on both the home page and the “read me” file.
All of the information in this blog except for the background information belongs to the website above, and is their property.
Thanks for reading!

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