How to subscribe and unsubscribe on youtube

So you’ve just found a youtube channel who’s videos you truly love, but you have a problem. How do you subscribe to that channel? With this blog I attempt to show you how to do this on both the Ios app and with the website. If you’re looking for how to do it with either just the IOS app or just the website feel free to skip to the appropriate heading.

Subscribing/unsubscribing with the IOS app

To subscribe with the IOS app first find a channel or a video on the channel to which you would like to subscribe to. Next go to the “more actions menu”. If you’re on a channel there will be a random unlabeled number. This is the amount of subscribers a person has at any given moment. Flick up with one finger until you hear “more actions”. The third thing you need to do is double tap on “more actions”. One of the options that should come up is “subscribe”. Double tap that. You should be subscribed. If you’re on a video: find the random number mentioned above, flick up with one finger until you hear “more actions”. Find subscribe, and double tap on it. Please note that you don’t have to click on a video to do this. Just make sure you’re on a video by that person/group’s channel and flick up until you find the “more actions” menu, find subscribe, and double tap on it.

Please note that
unsubscribe does not work with voiceover in the app at the moment and I’m not sure what the problem is, but to unsubscribe you’d repeat the process you used to subscribe. If it worked the videos should disappear out of your subscriptions and it should say “subscribe” when you go to the channel/video. As of writing this you get the notification that you unsubscribed, but the videos still show up in your subscriptions and when you flick up with one finger it still says “subscribed”. I have attempted to contact youtube numerous times in the past via the app store and their twitter and I have yet to receive a response.

Subscribing/unsubscribing with the website

So you want to use the site? That’s fine. The first thing you’ll need to do is find a youtube video or channel you want to subscribe to. The second thing if you found a video is go to the channel by pressing enter on the person’s name. The next thing you want to do is go to the top of the page and find the button (it may be a link) that says “subscribe. Press enter on that. A notification will come up with some options and the first one is subscribe which is what we’re looking for. Press enter on that one. You’ll get a notification that tells you that you’re subscribed. While in this notification you can configure your notification settings which includes whether or not you want to be notified when they post a video, do a livestream ETC. Once you do that hit okay.

To unsubscribe go to the person’s channel. Find the button that says “subscribed” and press enter on it. a dialog box should appear and you’ll need to tab down until you hear “unsubscribe, press enter on it. You can edit your subscription in this dialog box as well. Once you hit enter on the “unsubscribe link in the dialog box you should get a notification that says that you are now unsubscribed. If you do not want to unsubscribe, but still want to edit your subscription preferences you can go over to the next link that says “subscription preferences” and edit your subscription preferences.

Remember that you have to be logged in, in order for this to work. I hope you found this helpful. If you have any questions feel free to tweet me If anything changes I will update this post to reflect that.
Thanks for reading!

More lbb tips and tricks.

Whether you’re new to this blog or not I want to point out some things that maybe you don’t know about or maybe you haven’t ever paid attentiontoo. Whatever the case these things can be useful to you, or at least I hope they will.

Let’s start with our pages. Note: if you know about any of these tips and tricks already you can skip the appropriate heading/headings. Other wise have a look.

1. “about the living blind blog” page

theabout the living blind blog page lists the schedule that we may or may not stick to for posting. As well as how we got started and who we are. You can find it at the top of our site. It should be the first link you come to besides home. As well as at the link above. So go have a look.

2. the contact us page

the contact us page list everyone’s contact information. Want to only get in touch with one person? Fine! Just find the contact information for the person you wish to contact and go from there. Want to contact everyone at once? Find the links to our twitter, facebook, and email. Then, click on them. Just remember that everyone on the team can see whatever you write so don’t write anything you wouldn’t want multiple people to see. Note: if you want to contact us about guest podcasting, or writing for or with us for example this is the way to do it. You can find this information at the link above, or if you’re traveling via links it should be the second link on the page.

3. Favorite blogs and websites

Our favorite blogs and websites page is a great way to obtain information. Want some ideas for shopping sites? We’ve got them. Want helpful articles for yourself, or someone else? How about helpful guides and tutorials? We’ve got them. Are you searching for blogs that have to do with disabilities like blindness, or autism? We’ve got some of these too. Simply put this page is a list of our favorite websites, or sites that we think could be useful in some way. You can navigate this page by heading which includes: shopping, education and help, blogs, and other. If you can’t find what you’re looking for get in touch and we’ll do our best to add it. If you would like us to inclue your site, but don’t see it after looking for this page get in touch and we’ll do our best to add it. this link is the third link down not counting home.

4. podcast

the podcast page appears to be broken. Our apologies. When it works it will list all of our podcast eppesodes. By the way if anyone knows how to fix this could you please get in touch? Thanks! It can be found at the link above, or it should be the last link on the page.

5. widgets: subscribe to us, archives, and categories

Our widgets are a great way to explore the site. The “subscribe to us” widget allows one to receive our blog post via email. Note: this includes everyone’s posts and it is not category specific. While our categories widget lets one go through all the articles in a particular category. Want to know what I was writing about a year ago, or even six years ago? Check out the archives widget.

6. Search our site.

Search our site allows for a user of this site to search for keywords. So if you’re looking for a particular post just type in what you remember in the edit box. Then, hit the okay button. Once the page loads you will be given a list of results to choose from.

7. Followistic

Want to only read posts from a particular author? Would you rather receive only posts from a particular category? Then followistic is for you. Just click on any post from the author or category that you want to receive posts from, scroll down to the comment section, enter your email address, check the box for the one you want, and you’re set Although, you might have to press a button or something. Other wise your settings probably won’t be saved. LOL

8. Things that may or may not be recent, and our twitter

Should you wish to view only the most recent posts go to the heading that says “Things that may or may not be recent” Fair warning though, they may not be very recent. Hence the title of the widget. LOL.
Should you want to view our twitter feed skip to the heading that says “our twitter”. There you can read a list of our most recent tweets.

Most of these things are easy to get to if one is willing to look. The only one that may be tricky to find is followistic. I mentioned the podcast page only because someone emailed me recently to tell me it was broken. If you have any more questions feel free to let me know. Other wise happy surfing!

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