You don't look blind.

On my first day of class I walked in, and sat down. The teacher started lecturing on the first day’s lesson. Everything was going fine.

There was a slight hick-up on the way to the college when I realized that I’d forgotten my digital voice recorder. However, I remembered that I could record the lecture on my Iphone. So, for that moment at least it was fine.

I was sitting there staring at the white board in front of me. I could see that it was the white board because it looked different from the wall. Plus the teacher would occasionally stand in front of it. Occasionally when she stood there I could hear the sound the marker makes when someone’s writing on a white board. I was doing my best to pay attention to what the teacher was saying.

Then, the teacher asked for us to get into groups. She said that was the way we were going to work out problems in her class. Fine with me! So, we all get into groups, and start working on whatever problem we were assigned.

After about five minutes the teacher gets our attention again. She tells us that one of us is to introduce each member of our group. Then, explain how we got the answer we did.

I’m not quite sure how this occurred, but at some point the instructor started working out a problem on the board. She asked if we could all see it, and I whisper to my scribe that I can’t see what’s on the board I tell him that I’m also confused because I don’t know what’s on the board. So, he starts reading it to me.

I’m going to pause in my story, and say Teachers, instructors, and professors. Please for the love of your job tell the blind student what you’re writing on the board. Practice what you’re reading out loud before you have them in class if you have too. But please tell them what you’re writing. We need to know this information just as badly as our sighted peers.

So, back to the story. One of the girls looks over at my scribe, and says something to him that I don’t hear. He responds with “I’m telling her what’s on the board.” The girl says: “Why?” My scribe says:” “Because she can’t see.” Girl: *probably says something about moving.* Scribe: “No really. She can’t see. She’s blind.” Girl: “Really?” Scribe: “Yeah.” Girl: “Are you serious?” Scribe: “Yeah.” Girl: “That’s cool!” Girl to me: “Are you really blind??” Me: “yeah.” Girl: “I didn’t know that. You do it well.” Me not knowing what she meant: “Thanks! I try.”

I still don’t know what she meant. If it’s the blindness thing she was talking about. I wonder what she was expecting? I wanted to ask her that, but we moved on before I could. 🙂 Whatever she expected. I hope now she’ll expect more the next time she meets a blind person. Especially if it’s a student.

Thanks for reading!

Reflection of my capstone for general education class

Because I had nothing else to write about for today. I thought I’d write about my capstone for education class. Because why not?

What is capstone for general education, you might ask. Well it’s a class that everyone has to take in order to get their degree. Since mine is in education mine had to be “Capstone for general education” Instead of capstone for whatever.

The class consists of six (count them, six) tests that you have to take. The lowest you could make was a sixty percent, but your average had to be a seventy or above in order to pass. These tests encompass everything you learned in the courses you took while in pursuit of whatever college degree you were pursuing.

The first one wasn’t so bad. I think it was an attendance quiz, or something. I think I took the next two by myself. However the next three had graphs, and tables. So, I had to work with my scribe in order to complete them.

I’m happy with my grade in that class. My recommendation who has to do this at their college. Save everything you do in your classes. Whether you think you’ll need it again, or not. You’ll thank me later

Thanks for reading!

A full review of Art for the elementary teacher.

I know, today’s Tuesday, but somehow my Monday ran away from me. So, here I am begging for your forgiveness for posting a school related thing on Tech Tuesday. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this. 🙂

I promised you that I would keep you up to date on how my classes were going this semester. Especially the art, math, and geography ones. So, I thought why not write reviews? So, here goes nothing

Let’s start with the art class. I went in with a bad feeling that this wasn’t going to work so well. Due to my horrible experiences from elementary school. These weren’t bad assumptions. However, I soon learned that my assumption were wrong.

As I had previously mentioned the art instructor had someone (more than one actually) in her family who was blind. So, that helped a lot. I explained to her my reservations, and she said she’d try to work with me. Which, she did.

The projects consisted of a lot of cutting. Which then turned in to a lesson how to teach left-handed people how to cut. Only because I’m left-handed, and I was holding the scissors wrong.

I had a scribe in there which helped also. He drew stuff when needed, and cut out things that I wasn’t sure I could. Such as shapes, and stuff. I knew I couldn’t see the lines to follow them, so he did it for me.

He also helped me pick out colors of construction paper. When we did our sewing project he helped me make sure I was sewing properly. Yes we did a sewing project in art for the elementary teacher. We made an angry bird.

When I was doing my project that I ended up using as my final presentation in there. He helped me out when I made mistakes. He also guided me in the beginning because I kept mixing up the over and under thing

Now for those presentations. We had to give at least three presentations. Two of them we got to sit at the table, and give them, but one we had to stand up. We had to actually teach a lesson, and she showed us how we should always have examples.

Because there were only seven or eight of us in the class. She made it sort of an informal thing. She just had us all meet around one of the back tables right before class each day. While there we completed a number of projects such as: the angry bird project, family portraits, self-portraits, and our final project. Our bird hat.

I think I really made the instructor think out of the box. When it came time for the family, and self-portraits. In the end she ended up having me make mine out of felt, and poster board. She and my scribe cut out my body, arms, hair ETC from the felt, and I placed where I thought they should go. The same thing was done with the family portrait.

Something that I found interesting. she used purple glue sticks. Instead of the regular ones. I don’t recall my art teacher ever doing that. Then again, I wasn’t in art for very long. She said it was because the kids could see the purple, and know how much glue they were putting on. Whereas, with the regular glue sticks they can’t. So they end up putting on more than what is needed.

She likes to say that I taught her, and the rest of my class a lot. I’m not denying that. I feel like that is my mission. 🙂 However, she taught me a lot as well. She taught me that art can be fun. Especially when the art teacher is willing to work with me. The blind person. I don’t mean sit there, and help me the whole class time. I mean come up with projects that I could do. Instead of wringing one’s hands, and saying “I don’t know what to do with her. I don’t know what to do.” Then, not taking anyone’s suggestions, or listening to what anyone had to say. Thank you art instructor. (here is where I would use her name… If I had gotten her permission for it. Except that I didn’t) I really, really, appreciate that you took the time to think outside of the box. 🙂

Thanks for reading!
P. S.. If you’re reading this. Thanks for having me in your class! 🙂

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