Complete WEBAIM survey 7

Every year (or every other year) Webaim puts out a survey for screen reader users to complete. This helps people in the field of web design create more accessible websites. That way we can all have a more accessible web. 🙂

Whether you’re a full-time screen reader user or you just use it for testing purposes you can take this survey. The survey says it could take anywhere from 10 to 15 minutes to complete. The survey has about 30 questions. It is open until November 1st. The results will be released in late 2017 and will be reported as aggregated summaries. To learn more about this survey or to take it as I am about to do; head on over to the following website: Complete the survey here and follow the directions on the page.
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An Offensive Divide for all…?

Sometimes, people don’t know what to think about being Blind, but moreover, we’re not sure what to think about them. You’ll learn in this original work by Sean Hasberry and Robert Kingett.


I can't believe that my professor let me do this! :)

So today I got to do something that was kind of cool.
I got to send an email to my entire tech for teachers’ class that included a link to a screen reader. This was upon my instructor’s request.
How did it happen?
We were talking about what not to do when making your own website, and I said that adding music or some sound that you couldn’t shut off was not a good idea because blind or visually impaired people can’t hear their screen readers. The professor said that he’d never played with one, but that he knew about them. So I said that I had a link to one that was free.
Which screen reader did I choose?
The first one I chose was NVDA because… I like it.
The second one I chose was Jaws because a lot of blind or visually impaired people still use it dispite it’s enormous cost. I have to admit that I still use it for things like Microsoft word ETC. I did point out that it can run in 40 minute mode, but once the 40 minutes are up you have to restart your computer. (for those who don’t know) the 40 minute mode is free. (at least I think that still exists with Jaws) However if you want to run it nonstop you have to buy the program.
Why am I telling you all of this?
Because some of you may be sighted, and want to play with a screen reader (text to speech program as I prefer to call it. Mostly because it helps with clarification) Some of you may be teachers, or may be considering going into the field. My goal is to expose as many teachers as I can to this technology so that when they reach the classroom and get a blind or visually impaired student they’ll know how to help, or modify the lessons so the student can get the best from the class.
The website to download NVDA
Website for Jaws and other useful materials
I just had to post this. 🙂
Thanks for reading!

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