Do you have any questions for me regarding college?

I just spent a good five minutes at least trying to think of something to write about for Monday (today). The only thing I can come up with is to ask you if you have any questions about college. Maybe you’re new to the whole college thing, or maybe you just have a question for me. Whatever it is ask me and I might be able to answer the question in the next blog post. Please keep in mind that I’m not an expert in all things college and anything I might say is either my opinion or gained through my experience. Yours may be completely different from mine and that’s okay. Send your questions to my twitter

It doesn’t have to be about the admissions process the questions can be about the availability of braille, screen readers, or textbooks and so on. I can’t answer questions about dorm living though. I’ve never actually lived in a dorm. Have a great day and thanks for reading this.

Mom I don't know if I'd ever want to see.

The other night I heard my mom talking to her best friend on the phone. She was saying “I wish Stephanie could have that kind of surgery done. So she could see.” She was talking about corrective surgery. More specifically she was talking about the surgery that her best friend’s daughter had several years ago in which she got a new set of corneas or something. Thus, rendering her able to drive and do all the normal things that sighted people take for granted. (I’m not bitter. I swear!

Here’s the thing I can’t have that sort of surgery. Because my retinas are detached. I know, I know they’re working on fixing it, but here’s the second thing. I’m not sure I’d want to be able to see

I know, you’re probably asking yourself why I wouldn’t want to be able to see. It’s the same thing that my eye doctor asked me when I said the exact same thing sitting in his office chair. So here goes my explanation.

The truth is that I can see some, but it’s not exactly useful. I can see for example, the color yellow assuming that it’s bright enough for me to tell what it is, but I get other colors like red and pink mixed up. Sometimes, depending on whether my eyes want to cooperate I can see the various windows on a computer screen, but I can’t see any of the print inside, or on them. Sometimes I can see pictures, but I can’t identify the objects inside the photos.

That might be all well in good sounding to you, but consider this. The same vision that be so helpful except for print can be a disaster when traveling. I have been known to mistake driveways for curbs, alyways for streets ETC. That’s when I wish I had no vision.

Here’s the third thing. I’m not sure how much I’d be able to see, or how effective it would be. I kind of like where I am right now and I’m not sure I want to change it. I mean maybe I’d be like Algernon in flowers for Algernon and it would work for a bit, then reverse itself and I’d lose all my sight. (Ten points if you get that reference)

Which brings me to todays question:
Would you rather be fully sighted, or stay as you are? What if the surgery doesn’t work?
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What does "You don't look blind" mean?

I have been told “You don’t look blind” a time or two in my life. However, I’ve never understood what that means. I’ve lived around sighted people all my life and I understand most things. Except not this

I’m just curious, what’s your idea of a sighted person? What did you envision before you encountered your first one?

Yeah I know. This one is just for the sighted people who may stumble on this post. Sorry fellow blind people I’ll try to do better next time. You know you wanna know the answer too so stop whining at me. lol.

I thought about this question again today after reading an article in which someone told a blind person “You don’t look blind”What does that even mean? Well… here’s what I picture the person who just told me that is picturing. The best I can come up with is someone probably with a white cane stumbling everywhere and groping in front of them for things. Okay so maybe lose the cane. Given how we’re portrayed in books, television films, and movies this would be no surprise.

However, we’re not that way unless we’re newly blinded and haven’t had the proper skills taught to us yet. In fact, I hardly ever stumble around with my cane (“Where’s my balance again?”) *that’s due to surgery on my legs though, and not my blindness* I hardly ever grope for things “Where’s that wall again? I know it’s around here somewhere” *gropes for wall between living room and kitchen.*
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How do you know when I want to shake your hand, and other questions.

This blog has been on my mind a lot lately. So, I thought I’d finally sit down, and write it. Here are just a few things that sighted people may not be aware of. (You may use this as a cheat sheet if you want)

1. *sighted person holding out hand to shake* In a normal conversation: Person 1: “Hi! I’m blah, blah.” Person 2: “Hi blah, blah, blah. I’m *insert name here* Nice to meet you.” What follows for most people is a handshake. This is also used to signify the end to something like a job interview, and so much more

This is ineffective for us because: 1. We can’t see where your hand is. Unless you have enough vision you may not be able to see this gesture. Even if you have some vision like I do it doesn’t mean that you will be able to see it.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been introduced to someone. Only to realize that their hand is out for me to shake, and I didn’t realize it. I’ve also started this thing of not shaking people’s hand. Though, this is mostly because I’ve come to the realization that some people don’t like to shake hands for one reason or another. Thus, I don’t automatically put out my hand unless prompted.

So, how do you as the sighted person let us know that you want to shake hands? Simple! You prompt us. You can use phrases like “Hand out.”, “hand out in front of you.” ETC. The important thing here is that you use specific words such as: In front, to the left, to the right ETC. Instead of just over there, or over here. We may not know what that means.

“How do I give a blind or visually impaired person who can’t see my hand a high-five?” In this culture at least. Joy is expressed through gestures such as the high-five, low-five ETC. However, for us we may not know that you want one.

I recently had trouble with this one during my cousin’s bowling league night. Everyone kept getting a really good score, and wanting to high-five everyone on the team, and who were sitting at their table. They soon learned to prompt me, or else I wouldn’t know that I wanted one.

So, how do you as a sighted person prompt us. You could use words such as: “High-five?” “Low-five.” ETC. Just make sure you use specific words as to where your hand is positioned. Other wise we (the blind or visually impaired ones) will spend seconds if not minutes just searching for your hand. That’s time you could spend high-fiving someone else, or getting a drink.

I think everything else that I was going to cover has been covered inthis previous article. Question: Have you had something like what I’ve described happen to you? If so, how did you resolve it? If it happened to someone that you know; tell me about it, and how the problem got resolved. I’d like to hear the stories. 🙂

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Questions and statements that blind people ask, or say to a sighted person.

These are the questions sighted people get asked by blind people. This is their revenge for the questions blind people get asked. I hope you enjoy them.

what do I look like naked? I’m not even going to tackle this one. Unless you’re dating the person there’s no reason to ask such a question. Also, I’d assume that the sighted person looks like a human. I’m also assuming that if you’re dating, and if you really wanted to know you could feel them. The only things you can’t feel are freckles and such, but yeah.

I can’t see myself so I don’t care how I look.” This must have came from a blind person. I have a scenario for you. What if you’re going in for a job interview. I know, it’s a new idea for some of you. The idea that you could get a job. Lol. Anyway, what if you went in for a job interview. If you dress in all ragged clothes (the kind with bleach spots and stains everywhere, holes in them ETC) Do you really think that boss is going to hire you. Unless you’re going to work in a sawmill, or something like that, I don’t think they will. Also, it’s probably a good idea to tuck your shirt in especially if you’re going out to dinner with someone new, or if you’re going on a job interview.

I have been known a time or two to joke about not caring how others perceive me, and how I dress. For the most part I don’t, but when it comes to that nice job interview where I may possibly get a pay check. You can bet that I’m going to do my best to dress as nicely as possible.

What’s a selfie? I included this one on my own because I actually asked my cousin this once, and I’m pretty sure she thought I was dumb. Lol. A selfie is when one takes a picture of themselves, and posts it somewhere, like facebook, or twitter. I have absolutely no clue why people like doing that, but there you have it.

What do you look like? I included this question because my cousin (who I’ve written about above) who is sighted has trouble answering this one. She has trouble telling people what she looks like. I don’t think it’s because she’s use to sending pictures, though that may be part of it for her. However, I as a blind individual have trouble with that too. The truth is that I don’t think about what I look like. So when that question presents itself as it did in the past for the first time. I have trouble answering such a question.

There wasn’t many questions, or statements with this one. I guess we as blind people don’t ask as many questions as our sighted counterparts. :p I’m sorry it took me so long to write this, but I was dealing with some stuff.

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An accidental reflection, and worries about my carreer choice

A note from me before we get started. I didn’t mean for this to turn into some big reflection thing. However, for reasons that I don’t understand that’s how it turned out. I hope you enjoy this glimpse into my life.

Okay, so I have one semester left before I transfer to a University. I’m so excited, and I can’t wait to get started. For those who don’t know I’m going to be a teacher. I think I’m going to go for special education teacher (Elementary), but not sure.

So why am I telling you all of this? Well… I should probably start subbing. Because the way I look at it the better it will be for me. In that, I’ll have more experience than if I just started student teaching

I worry about a lot of things. Such as how I’m going to keep up with so many children. How I will know if they need something. What if I don’t/can’t get a job in my perspective field? Most importantly, I worry about what will happen if I lose one of my students? My struggle isn’t that different from most new teachers. They worry about how well they’ll do in a classroom, whether or not they’ll get a job, and how they’re going to keep up with so many students. Except there is at least one difference. I am going into this field as a blind person.

I know I will have many struggles in my fight to be a teacher. Some I will share with my sighted peers, and some I will not. Some of them I know about now, and some will creep up on me while I’m in the classroom. I’ve gotten answers for some of these, but some of them are still unanswered. I try not to worry about it too much, but as the date for graduating with my A/A degree draws closer, and closer, I can’t help, but think about them. Even the ones that have been answered

One of them that have not been answered is how I would read a lesson plan when I begin subbing. I know that they’re written in Microsoft word (usually.) I also know that most teachers print them out. My question is, will I have access to them in word since I can’t read print? Will I be able to read them using a screen reader of my choice? And here’s my worst fear. School does what my college has done, and puts software on their computers that deletes things once you log off. It’s grate for them, but not so grate for someone who needs to have a screen reader installed at all times. Though, I don’t know of any schools that are actually doing that. except for Colleges of course. Also, how willing would they be to put a screen reader on at least one of their computers. Maybe more than that since subs tend to sub at all levels?

I’m sure I’ll do fine like everyone says, but that doesn’t alleviate the worry I have. I like to know what to expect out of situations as well as what’s expected of me. while I can’t prepare for everything I’d like to prepare for a lot of things. So if there’s any teachers out there who can give me some tips I’d really appreciate it.

I know that for knowing whether or not my students need something I could just have them ringh a bell. Though, I’m not sure how well that would work with little kids. For not losing a kid I could count heads, but I’d either have to touch them, or have a sighted person do it. Not everyone likes to be touched. As for keeping up with them I know I can hear with my ears, and I know that I pick up on things that others (sighted people) sometimes miss. I know that one idea for grading papers has me working with another sighted teacher in the same grade level as me.

I still don’t know how I’m going to create a powerpoint successfully with no sighted help, how I’d grade papers without sighted help, or how I would read other teachers lesson plans. Unless they know I’m coming in to sub for them, and put them on a flash drive or something. What about those occasions when teacher doesn’t know he/she will be gone? Then, how would I know that the lesson plans are on a flassh drive, or even where they are? What if teacher is in the hospital, and can’t do anything about it? What if whoever’s suppose to leave it leaves a printed note, or forgets?

Those are just some of the things of which I can find no answers, or at least not definite ones. I hope once I get into the field I can find them. I know the simple answer for the lesson plans thing, and maybe some others as well would be to go to the administrators, but there’s tons of scenarios that keep going through my head. Each one of them is worse than the last one. Those who say I’m going to have it easy, not so much.

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Dumb questions, or statements sighted people have asked, or said.

A week or so ago I asked for input on a blog. I had this idea to write a blog about the dumb questions sighted people ask blind people. Eventually dumb statements were added on to that, so without further ado, here you go.

Here’s a note before we begin. A lot of these were sent in to me. I did not include the twitter names of anyone who sent them in. I will include the answers after each question. Remember that the first, or second part of the answer may be sarcastic. That’s just us making fun of you, the sighted person. I hope you enjoy!

Is your dog in training? A lot of my friends with guidedogs get asked this question a lot. Here’s the real answer, no. Usually a dog in training wouldn’t be allowed off the center’s grounds without a trainer/instructor present. Sarcastic answer: Sure, I’m training he/she to bite stupid people, which includes you. At least that’s the answer I’d give.

How do you eat? Answer: How do you as a sighted person eat? We eat just like you do. Except we may occasionally touch our lips with the the silverware. Though, sometimes we miss our mouths just like you do.

How do you feed yourself if you can’t see your mouth? Answer: This is the stupidest question I’ve ever seen. You can’t see your mouth either. Unless you sit at a table with a miror in front of your face. How Vein is that? All sarcasm aside though, we sometimes use our fingers to make sure that the food is going into the spoon. If a spoon is what we’re using. It’s the same with a fork. I learned in school to cut away from me when using a knife, but that’s all I know about that one.

“You don’t sound blind.” Answer: How am I suppose to sound? I’ve always wanted to know. Am I suppose to sound like I have a speech problem, or something? lol. Seriously, I’d really like to know. If someone who has said this could explain to me how they think blind people are suppose to sound. I’d be very grateful.

*person yelling* Answer: Wrong disability there bud. I’m deaf, not blind. Seriously, I’m not deaf/blind. No need to yell at me. For those who truly don’t know there is actually a group of one disability. We don’t always have multiple ones. Though, I do thank you for the concern. I do wish you’d save it for someone who is deaf/blind. If you don’t know how to treat just blind or visually impaired people just ask. We’ll be glad to share our knowledge with you.

Can he/she sign their name? Answer: Can you sign your name? If the answer is yes, then you have your answer. Even if it looks like a Doctor wrote it. At least I know no one can steel my identity that way. If our signature does look like a Doctor wrote it, or is other words unreadable you, or someone else may have to serve as a witness. An example of this is if I were to go and get a passport. So, yes in most cases we can write our name.

What’s a matter, are you blind? Answer: Are you sighted? My mom use to ask me this all the time. Though, she meant it as a joke. Yes, I’m blind, and sometimes I have a hard time finding things. I actually don’t mind this question if you’re only joking. My usual response is “Are you blind?” However, if you’re being serious, the answer is, yes. I once went to the hospital with my white cane, and the nurse didn’t notice I was blind until she went to lead me into one of the rooms at the E. R. Until then I thought it was fairly obvious to everyone. I mean, hello! Girl with white cane here. White cane signals my blindness.

Can’t you read? Answer: Can’t you read? Sometimes I wonder. Especially when the sign says do not inter, and you do. Yes I can read, though what I read isn’t print. It’s called braille, and I don’t like it being referred to as dots. Yes I’m aware that’s what it looks like. You wouldn’t want print to be referred to as lines, curves, and weird shapes, would you? Braille has a name. Please use it. Just like you’d use print’s name. I once had a kid ask me that on a bus. She didn’t believe I could read braille, and we got into a fight about it. So, yeah I can read; it’s just not print.

Blind people can’t read twitter. Answer: Oh really, then how did I get an account, and how am I tweeting right now? Seriously, I’ve seen this before. I use a program called a screen reader (text to speech), and a twitter client. If you’re on a mac, Iphone, Ipod, or Ipad it’s called voice over. If you’re on windows the following are available: NVDA, Jaws, window eyes, and Narrator, though it’s not as great as the rest. The twitter clients vary depending on what you’re on though.

Toddler asks why your eyes are closed. Answer: I love little kids. They’re so expressive sometimes. Just explain to them that they’re closed because you can’t open them. If anyone can come up with a better explanation, let me know. Parents, let them ask. That’s how they learn, and most of us don’t mind answering them. It doesn’t embarrass us in the least.

Sighted person either doesn’t say anything, or excuses themselves, and jumps over your cane. Answer: This happened to me all the time in high school. You should teach your kids that it is not a thing to jump over. It’s for us to use, so that we know what’s in front of us. I use to purposefully move it when I knew they were planning to jump over it, so that they’d trip over it. At the same time teachers need to be aware of this, and watch out for it. It’s not cool!

“What’s wrong with your dog’s back? He’s wearing a brace. Did he break his back or something?” Answer: lol. I’m assumming that it’s the dog’s harness. The guidedog’s suppose to wear them when it is working. When they’re not working they do not have to wear them.

5-year-old girl: “Dad! Dad! That dog’s wearing a backpack!” Answer: You should explain to them what it is, again I’m guessing harness. Keep in mind that I don’t have a guidedog. If you don’t know feel free to ask the handler (owner) of the guide dog. I’m sure they won’t mind answering your or your child’s questions. If they tell you that they are running short on time, please make it a point to ask all the questions you need too in the allotted amount of time. If we tell you that we are busy feel free to google your questions, or research it in any other way that you see fit. News flash! The handler’s the one who is letting the dog guide them.

The following comes from missanonymous94. I thank her for this. If you would like to follow her on twitter her twitter name is the following: @missanonymous94.

They ask my mom all the time, “If your daughter is blind, are you learning sign language then?” She’s like, “No, but we learned Braille.”

A doctor asked me how I lived alone for the 2 months before I got Macie. I’m rarely asked questions like that by educated people, especially those in the medical field. I was surprised more than I was offended.

People always ask me and my mom how I cope with my blindness.
They ask me all the time how I pick up after Macie, how I take her out, how she lets me know she needs to go out, etc. They think it’s a huge ordeal.

Whenever I’m at a store or restaurant or whatever, and a sighted person is with me, the waitress or customer service person always asks the person with me, “What does she want?” rather than asking me directly. Some people answer for me, others say, “I don’t know, ask her!” and point at me.

Don’t know if this counts, but people called my cane a stick or poll all the time when I used a cane. (A note from Stephie) My dad calls mine a club.

When me and my brothers walk around sometimes, people see us and me in particular and say, “Awwwww, poor thing.” (A note from Stephie) Why do you feel sorry for us? It seems like you feel more sorry for us, than you do any other disabilities. There’s really no reason to feel sorry for us. We can get out, go grocery shopping, read the paper, pay our bills, and some of us have jobs. In other words we can contribute to society just like you can. I’m not sure why I often want to go on the offensive when I get asked this question, but I do. I try not too though).

People ask me and my mom where I go to school, where I went to school, like the thought of public education doesn’t even cross their minds. (A note from Stephie) Here is the last known figure of blind students who are being mainstreamed, or other wise going to a public school that I have in my brain. Because it’s in my brain I’m not sure how accurate it is now. The last figure that I saw, said that it was about 85% of all blind students attend a public school. When you think about it that’s a lot. Not to mention that there’s no colleges that I know of specifically for blind people. So those of us that choose to go to college have to go to a regular one.)

People ask my mom, “Who helps her when you’re not around?” The idea that I’m independent doesn’t even cross their minds. (A note from Stephie) Hey, unless we say so. Just assume we can do just about anything you can. If you don’t know, ask us. 🙂 I’ve learned in my short life that usually when you assume something without asking first. It is usually wrong, and results in someone, or multiple people being mad at you.)

A Catholic priest asked my mom once, since I’m blind, what is my view of God like? There’s really no answer to this one. (a note from Stephie) Everyone’s vision of god, and heaven are different. Just thought I’d point that out.

Lots and lots and lots of people have said that God will heal me someday, they’ll pray for me, I even had a circle of girls one time put hands on me, cry, speak in tongues and pray over me.

A preacher put his hands on my face and prayed, then when he was done, asked if I could see. He was dead serious too.

A Paragraph from Stephie. I’ve debated about putting this story here, but why not. When I was little there was this old guy who was always in town. Every time he’d see me he’d put his hands on my head, and pray for me. I’ve always found it a bit weird, and uncomfortable when people do that. I wouldn’t tell them no though, because that’s rude.

People have also told my mom that because of her sin, my blindness is how she has to pay for the sins she’s committed. (Note from Stephie) Why? Just why? I don’t truly understand the thought process behind this statement.

Someone told my mom that if I put magnets in my shoes, I would be healed. (a note from Stephie) This is folklore. I’m sure there is tons of this kind of stuff that you believe. It doesn’t make it true. Please, please, do research. I don’t care how. Just please educate yourself. Because, like I always say, when you stop learning you’re dead. 🙂

Someone told my mom that she should have aborted me, and because she didn’t, she had to pay for it by me being blind. (A note from Stephie) I always love to challenge people’s beliefs. Especially when they’re beliefs like these. 🙂

People never ask me, but my brother has heard people talk behind my back asking how I use an iPhone when I can’t see the screen. (A note from Stephie. I’ve seen tweets about this so many times on my timeline. My friends, and I have experienced people being amazed that their Iphones have something so powerful on them. Something that can help us, and that we can pick up any device with it on there, and use it. I or my friends have to explain that it’s called voice over, and how to use it/get to it. I don’t mind.)

Someone on twitter tweeted, how do blind people know when to stop wiping their ass? He was joking, probably never knew a blind person would actually read that. (A note from Stephie) I have no words to write here. I’m speechless.

Someone asked me on twitter, “Who tweets for you?” as if I can’t use twitter myself. (a note from Stephie) Yes, we can use a computer *looks at the person writing this blog. Because I have to dictate it* lol. That was sarcasm. Yes, If I can use a computer that also means that I can do just about anything on the internet that you can. Even use twitter. The only thing I can’t seem to do is access anything with flash enabled.

Someone asked me today how I get dressed. I said, “you mean how I match my clothes?” And he said, “Well, that too.” He didn’t know how I could physically put clothes on without being able to see.

Me and my friend were in a gas station once and a crazy lady saw us with our canes. She asked my friend’s mom if we were blind, and she told her we were. Then the lady said, “Why do they have eyes then?”

My boyfriend has some vision, and he holds his iPhone very close to his face to be able to see it. At least 2 or 3 times now, people have drove by while he was waiting on the bus and said, “Ya forget your readin’ glasses, buddy?”

One day, I was in the store, and this guy just came up and started petting Macie. I said, “Hey, can you do me a favor and please ask me before you pet my dog?” He just stopped, all surprised, and said, “What??!!” I said, “Can you ask me before you pet my dog? She’s a service animal.” He said, “Well, if you’re gonna be all grumpy like that, then…” he turned around, started walking away and said, “You can just go to hell.”

I hope this helps you, or at least amuses you. Thanks for reading!

Some questions that I always get asked by sighted people.

Today I had one of those experiences that some blind people don’t like, others find weird, and still others use as a teachable moment. That is, they use time however much they’re willing to spare to teach those who may not know about blindness, or maybe they know very little about it. This is usually done in the form of questions, usually from the sighted person.

I was walking into wal-mart with my cousin. We had stopped to get a cart when this lady walks up, and starts talking to us. Did I say, us? I meant me.
I’m one of those people who generally doesn’t find it awkward to answer questions from sighted people. In fact, my belief is that the more I can educate, or teach them the more (hopefully) they’ll go and educate or teach others. So, long story short. I usually take time to take their questions.

However, there is a point when I start feeling weird, and unsure of my answers. That usually happens when they ask me questions like, “were you born this way?”, “Can you see at all?”, and “How much can you see?” Somehow, this lady managed to ask all of these in the span of like five seconds, or maybe it was just my imagination.

To figure out why I might find this weird, and difficult to answer let’s start with the first question. “Were you born blind?” The answer that I give everyone is, yes. Though, it is the simple answer it isn’t the whole truth. The truth is that I wasn’t exactly born blind, but I was born early. Two and a half months early to be exact. Now, when I was born they did this thing where they’d put the premature baby in an incubator with pure oxygen, and no eye protection. Because of the pure oxygen I lost my sight. My left eye started shrinking instead of growing, and my retinas detached. They put a buckle and a bubble in my eyes, but only my right retina would stay attached. I think my left retina is only partially attached.

Every since I could remember I had to take eye drops, or rather put them in my eyes. At first I didn’t know why. When I got older however, I was told that I had borderline glycoma. If I don’t keep putting the drops in the pressure could build up in my eyes, and I could lose my vision. So, the answer to the second question is “Yes.” I’ve went two and three days without my eye drops once due to reasons beyond my control. The result was a headache that started behind my eyes, and stretched to the back of my head. I felt like someone was repeatingly either throwing a ball, or rolling it around in my head. Trust me; it’s not fun.

Now for the third question “Can you see, and if so how much?” I often tell people that I can’t see because to explain what I can see is very difficult. Made even more difficult because I don’t know what sighted people can see. I’m going to try, and explain it though. I can see some colors such as yellow. However, I tend to get pink, red, green and blue mixed up. I should clarify here, and point out that I don’t get green mixed up with red. Instead I get it mixed up with blue sometimes for example. I can see shapes, but they have to be right up to my face. I can tell if someone has light or dark hair, what their skin tone is, and that’s about it. The problem arises when I try to do that because I have to be really super close to the person, and most people don’t like you to be in their personal space. So, to save some time I often say that I can just see shadows of people. A doctor told me that once, and it’s stuck with me every since. I still don’t know what sighted people see when they look at say, their own shadow, so I’m going to keep using that description until someone tells me I’m wrong.

Here’s the kicker! After I answered all of her questions she tells me that her dad was blind. That’s so cool! She says she saw me walking across the street (I guess she meant parking lot), and just knew she had to come and talk to me. We then exchanged names, and she left. I’m not putting her name here because I didn’t ask permission. I didn’t even know I was going to write this blog until I got home.

In all, I had an amazing day. I got to hang out with my favorite cousin who just happens to be sighted. I even got pizza before we came home. I also did some more Christmas shopping. It was kind of fun. Now if I could just come up with ideas for Christmas gifts. I always have trouble with that for some reason. *sigh*

I can't hear youtube, what do I do?

I realize that this is a tech question, but since it is question Wednesday I thought I’d post it anyway. So, what do you do when you can’t hear that youtube video you’ve been dying to hear?
1. Check to make sure it isn’t your computer’s volume. This can be done by playing a sound file of some kind that you have on your computer. If you have no sound files anything else on your computer will work.
2. Go to other youtube videos, and make sure it isn’t that video. Sometimes they are quiet for whatever reason.
3. If the volume has failed all of these tests seek sighted help.
4. Have the sighted person check the volume on the youtube (flash) player to see where it is. If it’s low, have them raise it.
“What if I want to do it?” Too bad. Adobi has made that impossible. If it isn’t Adobi’s fault it’s at least youtube’s. Because we have limited access to the buttons.
“So what buttons do we have access too?” Play, mute, and sometimes but rarely others.
“What if I want to do it myself?” Then I guess you should probably go yell at Adobi/google/youtube. While you’re yelling at google could you tell them to make their comments accessable, so I can reply to/mark mine as spam? That way I don’t have to depend on other sighted people. lol. Thanks!
This question was posed earlier on my twitter timeline, and I thought I’d write a post to explain what to do if this happens. I hope it helps.
Thanks for reading!

What kind of braille display, if any do you use?

Having decided that I want a braille display, and Subsequently going on a quest for research. I’ve come across a lot of different opinions, and reviews. Which brings me to my question for Wednesday.
What type if any, braille display do you have, and do you like it? Would you get something different if you could? If so, what, and why?
This question is for the people that don’t have a braille display. If you could get any braille display, what would you get, and why?
I’m asking because all this research has made me curious.
Feel free to leave your comments below, or to email me. (my personal email is found on the contact us page)
Now off I go to look at applevis. 🙂 Wish me luck! 🙂
Thanks for reading!

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