Amazon music, not accessible

I’m posting this for anyone who may be curious. Do not, and I repeat, do not buy anything that uses Amazon music. I downloaded it because I wanted to try it. Here’s my experience. I followed the directions, downloaded the installer file, and pressed run. The installer itself wasn’t so… Continue reading

I can't believe that my professor let me do this! :)

So today I got to do something that was kind of cool. I got to send an email to my entire tech for teachers’ class that included a link to a screen reader. This was upon my instructor’s request. How did it happen? We were talking about what not to… Continue reading

The nice things that my teachers and Professors have done for me

I thought that since the last couple of posts talked about huge egos aned what makes me lose respect for you as a teacher that I would end this little series (if you want to call it that) by telling you some of the amazing things that my teachers and professors… Continue reading

Why aren't Braille graphs always available, and what are some of the benefits of using them?

For a blind or visually impaired college student taking a course in Economics or a course in math being able to “see” a graph or sometimes multiple graphs can be very important. At times it can even be difficult if not impossible. The same can be said for a student… Continue reading

A website that I wanted to bring to your attention

If you’re having trouble installing qwitter or you need/or want an alternative twitter aplication that is accesible with text to speech programs like Jaws and NVDA then “Easy chirp” formally known as “accessible twitter” may be the right solution for you. According to the website “Easy Chirp is an alternative… Continue reading

Can your computer read graphs?

As a blind person I get asked this question a lot. First by my teachers in school, then by my professors in college. I hope that by writing these next few blogs I can educate you on the “graphing” process. My hhope is that you will then educate someone else.… Continue reading


As most of you know (If you’ve been reading my blog for a while) I sometimes update you when a new version of something I’ve previously written about comes out. This is no exception. When I wrote “Qwitter for Twitter” I advised you to wait until the new version of… Continue reading

Qwitter for Twitter

according to the website “qwitter is an accessible twitter client designed for access by the blind” I like this “client” because it is easy to use and you can access it from anywhere on your computer. You don’t even have to close or minimize the other windows you’re working in.… Continue reading

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