Podcast 20 – Interview with Kid Friendly Software

In this podcast, I interview Marty from Kid Friendly Software, a company who makes IOS games for the blind. Check it out.

a brief introduction

Hi, my name is Dean and I’m the newest member of the living blind blog. I’m from the UK and I’m here to write articles and possibly do a few podcasts. I have a huge interest in technology and I love to find things that are useful for people in there every day life and make them more independent. I use a mac, a windows computer, IPhone, and IPad. I also really enjoy reading books, and traveling. If you want to contact me my details are below.

Email me!
or you can follow me on twitter at: @dmills87

Apple Wave: a scam

I first heard about this on a heytell group that I’m on. There’s supposively this new feature of IOS8 where you can charge your Iphone by using the Microwave.
I’m not quite sure how this got started, but it is a hoax. You can’t really do that. If you try you’ll explode both the phone and the Microwave.
Why am I posting this here?
Why not. Who’s to say a blind or visually impaired person won’t see it. Then, they’ll think “Cool!” Next, they just might have to try it out.
A note from me:
Please don’t. My reasons are listed above, but I’ll repeat them again. Both the phone and the Microwave will explode.
What if I’m wrong?
Use common sense. 🙂 If one device say, the Microwave doesn’t explode. The phone still might.
For more information see this article.
Maybe I’ll come up with a better article for next Tuesday’s blog. hahaha. There just wasn’t a lot to choose from for today. At least not in the twitter feeds. 🙂
Thanks for reading!

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