Moving to a new webhosting service soon

This post has no real purpose except to let everyone know that as soon as I find a good one that is preferably on the cheap side we will be changing webhosting providers. I’m letting everyone know because while we’re changing things around you will not be able to get on this site or post on this site. In other words the site will be down during this time. I will let you know when I find one and when you can access the site again. Please be aware that it may take us a bit to get everything set up like it was before the move. We appreciate your patience during the move and if you have any suggestions for webhosting services please let @Stephie2010 know. Thanks in advance!

Trains, The Good and the Bad

Well hi everyone! I’m back, once again. I’m going to be discussing train travel as a blind person. Please note that Canadian trains are probably different from the US’s, so hope this finds some interest. First time I ever took a train, I didn’t have to transfer at all. It all went pretty smooth, the asisstance was amazing getting from the station to the train, as well as finding the people who were helping me after I got to the other train station. However, the second time, we had to transfer into Toronto. Well, I told the girl that I spoke to when I called the via rail company that I needed assistance. I also told them that I was blind and had never transfered before, she said that someone would help me. No problem. So I get to the station, we get to the Toronto station, transfer starts. By this time, I was starving, and wanted some food. I have never been in the Toronto train station before, and have no idea where to find anything, so I asked the person who was assisting me if they would help me with getting food. She told me that she had to help someone else, and that she would be right back. That’s fine with me. Train came at 17:0 so I had a bit to wait anyway. So I’m sitting on this bench, waiting, and waiting, and waiting, and oh, did I mention waiting? 20 minutes later, she comes back. Oh, sorry, she says, I had to help this person and then I forgot about you. What great service, eh? The last train trip that I took, the transfer went a lot smoother. The assistant helped me find the platform and get my baggage just fine. Luckily, the train was right there, and the time in Toronto wasn’t too long. Thank god for IPhone, skype, and HayTell. Well, I hope you guys have a great evening. God bless.

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