Do you have any questions for me regarding college?

I just spent a good five minutes at least trying to think of something to write about for Monday (today). The only thing I can come up with is to ask you if you have any questions about college. Maybe you’re new to the whole college thing, or maybe you just have a question for me. Whatever it is ask me and I might be able to answer the question in the next blog post. Please keep in mind that I’m not an expert in all things college and anything I might say is either my opinion or gained through my experience. Yours may be completely different from mine and that’s okay. Send your questions to my twitter

It doesn’t have to be about the admissions process the questions can be about the availability of braille, screen readers, or textbooks and so on. I can’t answer questions about dorm living though. I’ve never actually lived in a dorm. Have a great day and thanks for reading this.

Web visum *Not* working with current version of firefox.

So many people including myself has/have noticed that Web visum the ad-on for firefox that allows the users the ability to do an assortment of things which are listed on their website is not working with the latest version of firefox. So what can it do? One of the main things I use it for is it’s captcha image solving capabilities. It does a few other things, but I don’t use those features.

Honestly I’m surprised that web visum is still around. I’ve been hearing romors for years that web visum wasn’t going to work with the next version of firefox, and the next, and the next. I belong to a jaws for windows list, and there is a message that tells of a way to fix firefox so that it works with web visum, but it sounds difficult unless one is a computer geek. Therefore, I’d recommend that one contacts web vissum via their contact page. I don’t remember the directions for making firefox work again with web visum. Perhaps those who want to know can google it?
Thanks for reading!

MCrem for McAfee on windows.

Have you ever accidentally downloaded McAfee, or worse still bought a windows machine where upon opening2 you discovered that McAfee was pre-instaled on it? If you’re sighted, or have enough vision to see the screen it’s no big deal. You can just remove the software and go on with your life. However, if you’re blind you can’t just do that.

The security center is not accessible. I don’t know about Jaws, but when you try accessing it with NVDA it just says “Pane” or “blank”. Narrator is not much better, but at least you get access to an okay button with no other information. Just a random okay button which I suppose takes one back to the control pannel.

In other words McAfee, or Mcaflea as I call it is almost impossible if not impossible to uninstall. How do I know? I recently purchased a windows 10 machine that had McAfee preinstalled. I didn’t think I was going to ever get it uninstalled.

That is until a friend of mine sent me to a link to something called mcrem (The McAfee removal tool). If you’re like me and have never heard of mcrem it is basically a “tool” or program to completely remove McAflea *clears throat* McAfee from one’s computer system.

It works like this. You download and install the file from the website I’ll link you to in a bit. Then, you run the installer to set it up. Next, you run the program if you don’t have it automatically run after being installed. The program will then do its thing which will take a little while. It will then ask you if you want to restart your computer. You should click restart now unless of course you’re doing something majorly (or minorly) important. If you’re doing something important please save whatever it is before restarting your computer. Once your computer restarts you should have aMcAfla free system. Note: the article says that it might ask you twice if you want to restart. However, mine only asked once.

Okay, okay. I think you’ve waited long enough. Here is the link to download mcrem. I promise you that it is very accessible. My thanks goes out to the person who pointed me to this removal tool. 🙂

Happy removing!

Do you think you know more than me?

Earlier I was asking a friend who also writes for this blog about a paper I have to write. We started talking about how Jaws in particular doesn’t say “0.5 inches” when using the tab key. I should point out that NVDA doesn’t either. Anyway, that reminded me of a story, and I’m not sure if I ever posted it on here. Therefore, I’m telling it here. If I have posted it on here, sorry!

When I was in high school I had this English teacher who in my opinion thought she knew more than me. One day I walked into class, and she told that my paper wasn’t formatted correctly. Okay, no problem. It should have ended there, right?

She could have stopped there, and I could’ve not said something about jaws not saying “0.5 inches” when the tab key is pressed. Instead I did, and she said “I called the Missouri school for the blind, and they said that the margins are accessible.” Here I’d like to point out that all I’d said in response was that jaws says random numbers when tab is pressed. I said “Okay, but jaws still says random numbers when the tab key is pressed.” Long story short she continued to argue with me about until lunchtime.

I think it was a miss-understanding. I think if she would have asked about the tab key instead of the margins she would have understood what I meant. It would’ve saved me a lot of trouble.

another story happened with her that same year. At that time I had all of my textbooks in Braille. That spring in early April the school flooded, and the room where my books were got flooded as well. Some of my books including a volume of a literature book I needed got ruined. She argued with me about that one as well. I tried to explained that it got ruined by the water, and she kept saying that I had it. Um… how are you suppose to read a water-logged Braille textbook. I mean, you can’t read a print one, and Braille is a lot like that. Once the pages are stuck together, and the Braille dots pressed down to the point that they’re unreadable, good luck!

what I really wanted to ask here that day, and the day of the tab key incident is if she thought she was smarter than me. Me, who had used this product for years, and me, who had read Braille for years. Does a little knowledge do that to her head? Wow!

Teachers I beg of you, don’t do this to your students. Don’t assume that just because you’re a little older, went to college, called someone, or whatever it is that you know more than them. Don’t just automatically assuming the student is lying because they want to get out of work. If she would’ve known me as well as she thought she would’ve known that I wasn’t. I just wanted to get my diploma, and get out of there. So that I could attend college, and move on with the rest of my life. Remember, and think about the impact that you leave on your students. Because this is what I remember about her most. Not the funny jokes she told, not anything else she could’ve/or did do in the classroom that year, and I certainly I don’t remember any other conversation we had. Just this! Two incidents that I will never forget.

the lesson that I hope all teachers will take from this is to never assume that you know more than the student. Maybe ask for a demonstration of what they’re telling you, or ask why they say what they said. I offered to do a demonstration, and she wouldn’t let me. My goal in writing this is to help all teachers become a better teacher. You can do it! I have faith in you. Thanks for reading!

Amazon music, not accessible

I’m posting this for anyone who may be curious. Do not, and I repeat, do not buy anything that uses Amazon music. I downloaded it because I wanted to try it. Here’s my experience.

I followed the directions, downloaded the installer file, and pressed run. The installer itself wasn’t so bad, but it needs improvements. It’s your typical installer, so if you’ve installed programs on your computer before. This should be easy for you to do.

So, now I’m at the point where I get to open up Amazon music, and play with it. So, I did that, or at least I tried to. Wait! How do you work this thing? *goes back to the instructions*.

*Tries to follow the instructions.* Where’s the file menu? What’s this button for? (No buttons are labeled.) “Why does NVDA keep saying “Pane” every time I try to tab around?

At this point I thought I was doing something wrong. I called my cousin over. After she took my place at the computer I started telling her the directions to add music. Her response: “I don’t see a file menu.” What? That’s the first step, and a sighted person can’t find it either?

Okay, time to uninstall this pile of trash! *goes to control panel>programs and features>clicks uninstall.* *waits for the windows uninstaller to come up. It finally does.* Um… What am I suppose to do here? It keeps saying “Pane!” It takes me a long time, but I finally figure it out by playing with the typical shortcut keys that most installers use.

First I clicked “alt Y” for “Yes I want to uninstall this program.” Then, I waited. After a few minutes NVDA made the sound indicating that there was a progress bar. So, I assumed that it was uninstalling the program.

When I didn’t hear the progress bar indecater any more. I went back to the uninstaller. Okay, time to play with key strokes again “Alt N” for next? Nope! Nothing. “Alt F” for finish? Nope! Inter? Yes, and just like that the program is gone from my computer.

I would like to point out that it took me several tries to figure this out. It didn’t just happen just like that. At last count before I got it right. I tried to uninstall this program at least three times.

Think the IOS app is better? Not quite. Oh sure you can listen to the music you bought. You just can’t downloaded. So, that was $5.00 I wasted. My poor college budget, and my bank account is still crying over this. (not really)

My hope is that someone who works on the Amazon music app for the computer, or the IOS app will see this. I hope that they will work to make this accessible to everyone. It would be nice if the buttons, or whatever they’re using were labeled. Could you guys also work on the installer/ uninstaller?

Thanks for reading!

How to make P. D. F.s accessible

I know. I know. You’ve encountered the “This document is empty” or “this document is secure” Error again. I’ve been there, and I’ve done that. Don’t you wish you could explain to people how to make that inaccessible P. D. F. accessible? Well now you can just throw them one, or both of these links. I prefer throwing them both because they are two separate videos. 🙂
Here is the first one.

Here’s the second one.

I should probably point out that it will take a sighted person to use some of these things suggested. Especially the things suggested in the second video that I posted. Anyway, I hope you find them useful. 🙂

Thanks for reading!

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