The Intact Sketch pad

Okay so it’s Monday. Because I had nothing to write about I went on a search. I found the following It’s called intact sketch pad. You can draw graphs, pictures for art class, maps, and so much more. It only weighs 3 pounds, and it’s no bigger than a laptop.… Continue reading

The Alphabet of college attendance, and registration.

Ever since I’ve started to attend college, I’ve encountered some things that I wish I’d known before I started college. Some of these I wish some of my blind or visually impaired friends had known or had access to when they were in college. I hope this helps you, or… Continue reading

A wonderful conclusion to a reflection over the physical science clas I had last semester.

So today I gave the disabilities coordinator a suggestion for any future blind students who might be majoring in science, or perhaps they need/want to take a science course, but that course deals with the periodic table… like mine. She actually agreed with me, and said she’d bring it to… Continue reading

How not to raise a child with a disability. (my addition.)

You may have read This original Post but now I bring you my addition to that blog. So here goes! When your child is little never tell them they’re different from other children Until they get into kindergarten and it becomes necessary to do so. Because your child refuses to… Continue reading

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