Update: Itunes using J-tunes

Okay so let’s imagine for a minute that you’re blind and you ar using jaws. You just purchased an ipod but you have heard that Itunes doesn’t work well with jaws. What would you do? Well if you’re like me you would probably do research to find out for sure.
Okay you can stop imagining now. The truth is that this really did happen to me all though I just wanted Itunes for certain reasons. What I found during my research is that most of the “jaws scrips” that once were available were no longer available. Not even the free ones. What are Jaws scrips? Jaws scrips are simply a bridge between the screen reading program and the mainstream program application. It is probably necissary to point out that these “scrips” don’t change the program applications but helps jaws astract information from the program application. Having said that now I can go on… Right? Nope I forgot to post the link from where I found the deffinition. It has a lot of useful information on there as well if your interrested in making your own scrips.
While I was looking for scrips I found j-tunes. J-tunes is an enterface for itunes that allows you to:
Import everything from individual music tracs to whole c. d.’s and audeo books in to the library.
Have c. d. names and album titles announced.
Create playlists
download epesodes of podcasts
and tons of other stuff that I’m not going to write… okay maybe not “tons” but there is still stuff I didn’t mention. So if you want to check out this website and get a free demo version of J-tunes or just buy it for $75.00 here is the website:
As of right now J-tunes only works with Itunes 8.1 Not the latest version.
And all of the information listed here about j-tunes is the property of the above website.
Happy looking and possibly reading!
I hope you enjoyed this blog even if you aren’t blind.
Update: Because of a new version that has been released J-tunes now works with Itunes 9.1.

Jaws and Ipods

Okay I’m probably going to get a lot of hate for the following commeant but it’s the truth. Apple has finally made their newest Ipods accessable to blind people and I say that it’s about time. I’ve been wanting an Ipod almost every sense my cousin got hers but I didn’t get one because I saw no sense in it because I wouldn’t have been able to use it. Now I can get an Ipod because I can finally use it (without sighted assistance).
The first Ipod is:
The Ipod Nano fourth generation
On this one the voices on the ipod is downloaded from your computer. The one thing that really stuck out to me is this Ipod costs about the same as an Ipod made for the general public. We have to pay so much for the very same technology sometimes.
2. The I-tell this is a remote control that only plays the music on an Ipod.
3. the Ipod shuffle. because it has no screen. Honestly if your blind, why would you need a screen? And yes I can answer that because I’m blind, you don’t if you can’t read the screen.
You can find all this information and more on this website:
This blog except for my little commeants here and there is the property of:
Go ahead coppy and paste this website. I’m sure you’ll find this article interresting to read. I did. It was so informative. This was the first article I found when I was researching though I’ve found many more sense then. I should also point out that on the website there is more details about the Ipod Nano fourth generation and so on that I didn’t put on here. Why? because that would’ve been to much for me to write.
Happy learning!

I had something else planned but had no time for the amount of research it would require

I promised you guys a blog post, so here you go. I had some thecnology thing planned but I didn’t get around to doing the research for it. I’m not going to tell you what it is because it could be my next post. Any way if you guys have questions about anything about what I’ve already discussed here feel free to leave a commeant. So that I know.

My Plans For This Week and more

I am planning not to post a blog tomorrow because of a dentist appointment. School starts this week. Don’t expect a post from me. That way if I don’t post I won’t feel bad. I’m planning on posting on Friday.
So far these are my plans for the week. Let’s wait and see if they work out. Maybe I’ll have time to post on Wednesday and Thirsday. I’m not making any promises. After this week, I will post when I get a chance. Though when I post will be on Fridays just because I also have the weekends. Again none of my plans are deffinate, so wait and see.
Thanks for your patience.

Flash players and Jaws

I know I’ve told you about websites that worked well, and some that didn’t work so well with jaws. I even told you how you could improve your website. What about Flash content? You know those players that plays videos on the internet on sites such as youtube. Yeah those, they don’t work so well most of them.
I figured this out several months ago when I was trying to read the chat for the live show I was doing. Up until then flash not working well with jaws hadn’t been a big problem for me. Now suddenly it was. It meant that I could only do a live show when my cousin was here so that she could read the chat for me. How was that a problem? At that particular time my cousin didn’t come to my house, that meant fewer live shows for me.
In addition I have been to websites where I had to have a sighted person click play for me because jaws didn’t work with that particular flashplayer.
As I was saying frusturated at this, I started asking around, you know sending out emails and stuff. I found out that there was no way I could read the chat but I did find that I could make my own flash player. Here is the information I have on that. I thought it might benefit you too.
I am only listing the strategies. However if you want to learn more about flashcontent and why it isn’t available. Coppy and paste the website below:
For the hearing impaired:
provide synchronized captions for audio which might convey content.
for Photo epilepsy:
Remove the strobing content that flashes between two and fifty-five times per second.
For moter disabilities:
1. Do not require fine motor skils.
2. Ensure that the content is keyboard accessable.
For Cognitive disabilities:
1. Give users who are viewing the content control over the time sensitive flash content
2. Give the users easy to use controls and navigation schemes.
3. What I think the most important thing is to be consistent.
4. Use the clearest, simplest language appropriate to the content, another important thing. Be honest who wants to view something if you can’t understand it?
For low vision:
1. Give your content plinty of contrast.
2. allow your content to scale to a larger size. Who want’s to view content that they can’t see especially if they have enough vision to be able to?
1. Please! Please!! ensure screen reader accessability or provide an alturnitive. We want to view it to.
2. Ensure keybored accessability to us as we might want to controll it like you might want to do. After thinking about this one it finally made sense. That’s the only reason I could think of for “keybored accessability.”
3. Do not interfear with screen reader, audeo and keyboard commands. Take it from someone who knows, that’s really annoying.
4. Provide textual equivalents for all non-text elements that convey content or provide a function. Having to watch something and not knowing what’s going on is very confusing. I’ve experienced this too.
I realize that flash content is not always designed with all of these things in mind… usually. If it were it could be universsilly accessable. That would be great.
There is plinty more things that I’m not going to write on here. One reason being that I’m tired and another being that if you wish to see examples of “keybored flash content” and things like that you’d have to go to the website any ways. So here it is again:
I would also like to point out that the content (strategies) is the property of the website above.

Where I've Been For The Past Week

Have you ever not wanted to be on the internet? Well I guess the better way of getting my point across is by asking, have you ever felt like you need a break from the internet? If you answered “yes.” then you know how I feel. I took a week long break from the internet. I ddid other things like reading a book. Though I wasn’t on the internet a lot I was on it some. Maybe I just updated my twitter account but that was about it. I’m back now and ready to post more blogs.
I never dreamed that I could get tired of the internet. It happens to everyone I suppose.

I Don't Like Toolbars!

For sighted people toolbars can be a useful thing. But for blind people they can be annoying.
Where are toolbars found? They can be found on web browsers such as firefox and on some websites such as America on line (aol) they can also be found on messengers such as msn.
I as a blind person do not like toolbars because they don’t work well with jaws. Well… actually they don’t work at all usually. In fact when I have to download something I usually choose not to install the toolbars. If I’m given that option. If not I go through the program if I know that it may contain toolbars and uninstall them.
I thought this would provide answers to anyone who was curious about how well jaws works with toolbars. I know I was for a long time until I started encountering them.
This was on my mind so I decided to write about it.
Happy uninstalling! lol. Just kidding.

I have nothing to talk about

I wanted to take a break from talking about jaws and accessable websites but I have nothing to talk about. Well… actually I do.
School will be starting for me in a couple of weeks. I thought I’d tell you that so you wouldn’t be expecting a blog post every day and then get disappointed when there isn’t one. Also if you haven’t noticed I don’t post on Saturday and Sunday, we all need a break some time. and those are the days I decided to take off.
By the way the first one that has today’s date on it, the one that says “508 law” that was supposed to be yesturday’s post. It was my fault I didn’t get it posted on time sorry. Hope I didn’t confuse anyone.

"508" law

Despite what you think the “508 law” isn’t at all what you might think it is. So what is it? Well it’s this piece of legislation which was signed by President Clinton in 1998 and is an amendment of The work force rehabilitation act of 1973. This act requires electronic and information technology which is to be purchased or developed by federal agencies to be accesible by people with disabilities. Yes as much as I hate to admit it being blind is considered a disability. The 1986 version of this law established non-binding guidelines for technology but it was the 1998 version which established binding and enforceable standards which are encorporated in to the Federal Procurement process.
This section doesn’t directly apply to private sectar websites, u. S. Federal sites, and even congress and judiciary. It doesn’t even apply to agencies who are using federal funds (generally) The goal of this is to make the same products available to everyone instead of having two versions of the same product. That makes sense to me. any ways Federal agencies must purchase electronic and informational technology that is accessible to it’s employees or to the public. Unless it is an undo burden on the Federal agency. The functional standards of this law require that a person who is blind or disabled to use your website.
For information see:
To see how you can make your site accesible.
Note: all this information belongs to:
And is their’ property.
I would also like to point out that if your website is not accessable people like me will not be visiting your website and will simply go some where else for the information that we seek. So if you want your market to increase I seriously reccamend that if your website isn’t accessable by now… it should be. There’s millions of us but with different disabilities but we all have the same goal. That is To serf the internet… without encountering websites that simply aren’t accessable to us.
P. S. I’ll try to come up with a better blog post tomorrow, promise.
The main reason I posted the website the first time is because there is a lot more information that I didn’t have time to put on this post. I also thought you guys might find another tutorial on there you might like as well.
Happy reading!

Some Websites That I Know Of That Work Well With Jaws

I’ll admit I don’t know of all of the websites that works well with jaws but here is just a few that I’ve found and use.
If you are blind or you know some one who is blind, or maybe your visually impaired and your looking for online stores or websites that cells products to the blind:
Note: this lists places where you can get things such as checks and Jewlry.
Need a place to get Braille playing cards? This is the cheapest I’ve found them.
Note: they sell lots of other cool stuff too such as talking calculators.
Okay so maybe you are like me and you love twitter?
But what if it’s not accessible to you? Then what?
There are several programs you can get. Here is the two I’ve tried.
Accessible Twitter:
Note: This is a website there is no need to download anything.
Note: McTwit is a program which you have to download so if you don’t like being tied down to the web, this is great for you.
There are several which I didn’t put on here so if you don’t like either of these google “programs for twitter” or something like that.
Here is a website I found. It talks about living blind. Yes even I had questions about how I was going to do certain things in life.
Note: I have no relation to this website in any form except that I am blind.
I’m probably taking a big risk here but oh well.
If your like me and you like listening to the bible try this:
Don’t know what an error means on your computer? I’ve been there.
Note: I haven’t had to use this website yet but it’s good to know that it’s there in case I need it.
Recording For The Blind and Dyslexic
Note: this website provides audio books. again haven’t had to use it yet.
Freedom Scientific:
Note: This website not only is the place where you can order Jaws but where you can get useful information as well.
I hope I not only gave you some websites that work with Jaws but also helped you find some enterresting ones as well. Remember there is more websites then what I’ve listed here that work with jaws.
Happy Serfing!

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