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These are just links to other blogs or sites that we think you might like. They’re some of our favorites. Some of these may also be used for educational purposes. No matter which one you click on we hope you enjoy your visit, and that at least with some of them you find out some very useful information.


the five kids with disabilities blog.
The Perry Brothers
Propeller Dance Blog.
Blind All Around the World.
Crafty Frugal Mom A blog with artickles on parrenting. It also includes money saving ideas.
The Awesome Wonky Lynx
Where’s your dog?
Life on the Other Side of the Wall
Aisle of Faithful
Francesca Marinaro


Blind Bargains
Future Aids, The Braille Superstore
braille, print, and ASL jewelry
Elegant Insights Braille Creations
64 Oz. Games store.


Chelsea Stark photography.

Education and help

The Canadian National Institute for the Blind
The American Council of the Blind
The National Federation of the Blind
The American Printing House for the Blind
Grade 3 Braille
Edified Access
Edified Access Radio page.
UEB Quick Reference Sheet
Quick Guide to Using VoiceOver on Mac OS X

A guide to help blind or visually impaired college students succeed.
ADA’s website

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2 Responses to Favorite blogs and Websites

  1. Curtiss Nunes says:

    Just found this site. Have been reading various articles. Thinking of starting a blog as well with my not-so-unique situation. I have a few experiences which may be help to other blind and visually impaired individuals. Could you perhaps point me to a resource(s) which I could use for investigation? I would appreciate it. Thanks.

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