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  1. whitney says:


    I am looking for a copy of “The Wizard of Oz” with audio description. I am working on a very special project about bringing to life what a young blind girl “sees” when she watches her favorite movie. However, not only has it been near impossible to find this particular movie, but figuring out which movies have audio description in general has been very, very difficult. I have checked many societies, libraries, and collections. I was wondering if you could point me in the right direction and tell me where you might look for these movies? Apparently there are some on Amazon, but again, distinguishing which ones have this feature is exhausting! Anything you may be able to suggest would be helpful at this point. Thank you so much!


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  3. John Olson says:


    My company 3DPhotoWorks has developed a printing process that allows blind and sight impaired people to see art and photography. Our process is getting a lot of press. We are asking the blind community what great art they would like to see and have created a web site where they can tell us. We hope to receive 10,000 votes. Here is the link to vote. I hope you will vote and then share the link with your friends.

    Thank you,
    John Olson

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  5. Mark Bentz says:

    Hi there,

    I am a visually impaired/blind person (2% of vision) who wants to start my own podcast on massage therapy. I have some questions about equipment that would be accessible to visually impaired/blind people. I am not looking for the cheapest or most expensive, I am needing a midrange quality set of equipment. What would you recommend to get started and I would love to pick your brain on how to go about setting this up.

    • seanisy says:

      Well, as far as software, you can use gold wave, or total recorder, or or audacity. All of these work well with in the D a or jaws for windows.
      I also use a blue yeti pro microphone. You can find the between 120 and 180 on It’s definitely well worth the money if you really think I’m quitting quality of Recording pod cast wise.

    • seanisy says:

      Getting a blue yeti pro from would be a great start. This Mike usually runs between 120 and 170, but the sound it produces is well worth it. If you use the jaws for windows or NVDA, then using gold wave, total recorder, or Or audacity will work also. For more details, please contact me directly.

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