BrailleBlaster Transcription Software

I don’t know about you but I remember having to wait and wait to receive my textbooks in braille assuming they weren’t already brailled. When I got to college I no longer received braille books unless someone transcribed (brailled) them for me or if I did it myself. There’s a… Continue reading

Complete WEBAIM survey 7

Every year (or every other year) Webaim puts out a survey for screen reader users to complete. This helps people in the field of web design create more accessible websites. That way we can all have a more accessible web. 🙂 Whether you’re a full-time screen reader user or you… Continue reading

MCrem doesn't work.

On December 1st I posted this little gym for those who don’t know what this is here is a basic summary. It is a tool to remove Macafee without sighted help from your windows computer. This only works with the anti-virus software though which is totally inaccessible to us blind… Continue reading

Bookshare switches to UEB braille

As of January 4th (Louis Braille’s birthday) the U. S. has adopted UEB (Unified English Braille). I don’t know UEB so this will be a new experience for me. However, I think that’s what education is all about. 🙂 All of Bookshare’s collection can now be read in UEB. This… Continue reading

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