Hands Off: Defining Consent as a person with a Disability

Dear readers, I want to address all of you today on an issue that has received considerable media attention in recent weeks in the wake of the Stanford rape case but that has largely (if unintentionally) excluded people with disabilities from the conversation. I want to talk to you about… Continue reading

Sign the Petition: Add Audio Description to Hulu Content

Hello, LivingBlindBlog readers! Some of you might have heard through the grapevine that a petition has started on Change.org asking Hulu to add audio description to their content. Given the continuing success that Netflix has had in paving the way for accessible streaming content, adding Hulu to our viewing options… Continue reading

10 Things Only Blind People Will Appreciate

I recently had the opportunity to visit an education class focusing on teaching students with disabilities and special needs; the professor, who teaches class around the same time that I do and has noticed me on campus, asked if I’d mind speaking to the class about my experiences. Sure, why… Continue reading

Cashing a check using Android for the first time

In keeping to the American tradition, I am insanely thin and I am lazy to boot. Today the forecast said that it was going to be a high of 67 in Chicago. All of the residents are staying in, and one asked me if I ever was going to let… Continue reading

On the Courage of Living with a Disability: a Reflection

Over the years, I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve had some variation of the following exchange with another blind or visually impaired person. Friend: So, did I tell you? I was getting on the bus this afternoon, and a woman stopped me to say, “You’re such an… Continue reading

Be Careful What You Wish for: or, What Not to Say to a Blind Person

If you’re blind, or know anyone who is, you’ve probably either witnessed or been on the receiving end of comments like “I wish I could bring my dog to work” or “It’d be so awesome to have a computer that talks like Stephen Hawking.” Here’s the thing. I’m pretty sure… Continue reading

How do you know when I want to shake your hand, and other questions.

This blog has been on my mind a lot lately. So, I thought I’d finally sit down, and write it. Here are just a few things that sighted people may not be aware of. (You may use this as a cheat sheet if you want) 1. *sighted person holding out… Continue reading

Five Things to Remember if You Know Someone Who's Blind: Blogging Against Disablism Day 2015

Once again it’s Blogging Against Disablism Day, a day that bloggers set aside to discuss issues related to ablism and how to combat ablist behaviors and attitudes. Since our mission here at the Living Blind Blog is to raise awareness and bridge the gap between the blind and the sighted,… Continue reading

Blind Devotion: a Review of the Jubilee Project Short Film

How do you tell the person you love you’re going blind? How do you cook? Clean? Go to work? Dress yourself? Care for your spouse? Run your home? A recently released short video, produced by the Jubilee Project, poses all of these questions about living with a disability, whether you’re… Continue reading

How not to raise a child with a disability. (my addition.)

You may have read This original Post but now I bring you my addition to that blog. So here goes! When your child is little never tell them they’re different from other children Until they get into kindergarten and it becomes necessary to do so. Because your child refuses to… Continue reading

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