FINALLY: Seanisy's Spaghetti Recipe

Aah , my spaghetti recipe! OK, I could tell you what I’ve been up to but well, I don’t feel like writing all of that…and it’s gonna be a movie of the month anyway. Sooo, let’s do this!
Well you do it actually. clears throat*

Seanisy’s spaghetti

1 sauce pan
1 frying pan
You’ll need some steak sauce (trust me, it’s a good move)
Regular pasta (not that Angel-hair stuff: that will ruin it)
A strainer (for the pasta )
1.5 pounds of hamburger meat
Spaghetti sauce (what ever flavor you like)
half a onion (chopped finely)

Now, get a small sauce pan…yes you. Fill it almost to the top with water, put your finger just below the lip of the pan and wait till you feel it getting close, that should be enough for the pasta. And now you ask, how much pasta to put in to this said pan? If not half the package of pasta, then a little less than half, depending on how much your going to eat at that time. Half the package should yield 4 servings witch is just enough for this amount of hamburger meat. Turn the stove on, no no no…don’t get scared now. After all, your hungry and you have to cook it. You promised yourself you would do this, I herd you! Turn it up to a little less than high and just let that bubble bubble, toil and keep a mind’s eye on it so there’s no trouble. Stir it with a fork say within 10 minutes or so, but till then you have the meat to cook.

Take the frying pan and get it nice and warm first, turn it up to half on the dial and start putting your meat in when you feel some heat coming from the pan. Put in small pieces at a time, so that way you can not only keep up with the meat you put in, when you start moving it around with a fork as it’s cooking you can keep up with it MUCH better.
Yummy, you smell that, it’s cooking already! So let’s see…add a glop or two of steak sauce to the hamburger meat as it’s cooking, no worries on that. Besides the fact it will keep the splattering down, it will give it a nice flavor when we mix it with the sauce too. Shuffle the meat pieces around and flip them, don’t be afraid of the heat…you have to learn if the meat is cooked or not right? Lightly yet carefully touch the meat as you flip and stir it in the frying pan to see if one side is rougher. If it is rougher, flip it because it’s been browned. And in between doing that, check on your boiling pasta while I get the next thing for you to do in our three ring cooking circus.

Well, the lonely half onion, chop in half, then turn and half again. If you feel comfortable with sighted help with this, it’s cool if you don’t have it…that’s why I’m here. After chopping the onion half, chop it in to pieces that are small enough to eat but not big enough to be noticeable in your food. They will be boiled down with the sauce when we put the hamburger in with it also…aah, time to check on your pasta again!

Hmm m, if it’s flexible and smooth to the touch very much so…then it’s ready. If it’s’ slightly stiff still, naw, let it bubble a little longer. Let’s just say it’s done and to your liking: (witch normally takes 15-20 minutes) then we strain it.
What I do is put the strainer in the sink, bring the sauce pan with the pasta in it, and slowly let her drain. I cover the top of the strainer, with foil just in case as I do want to keep it warm.
In between checking on the meat, I’m sure it’s almost done or fully done. I hope you didn’t forget…how can you tell it’s done? Well, it gets quiet and it smells REALLY GOOD TO EAT! You can tell with your fork if it’s done because it will feel kinda bouncy when you touch it on both sides. But move the pieces around and flip them to make sure. No one will get sick in my cybor kitchen!
Now that the sauce pan is empty, your meat is done, and the onion is cut up, time to fold it all in!

Slowly pour your Spaghetti sauce in to the sauce pan, you don’t want to get any on your clothes. It will plop on you if you do this fast or hold it over the pan. After you get all of it out of the jar, put your hamburger meat in there. Use the fork to scoot the meat from the frying pan in to the sauce pan, hold the frying pan slightly over the sauce pan. Trust your self, your doing good, and what do they say…so far so good. If you drop a piece or two, just eat it, 10 second rule applies here too. 🙂 And finally, add the onion in to the sauce. I like mushroom and garlic Spaghetti sauce, hence the onions. But hey, they can’t hurt, they do help you sleep better and help digest food better also. Let that concoction boil on low for 20 minutes and your ready to eat some good food.

I cooked this for a guest during his Christmas visit and he unexpectedly ate 2 full plates, I thought…such a little boy putting that all away. It make me smile that my cooking was that good. So here I am writing the Living Blind Blog’s cooking section, personally…I do love it. And just to show my New Orleans roots, next time…Red Beans and Rice: from scratch!

Sean Hasberry AKA Seanisy

Slinging some sauce on to your food targets' successfully

You know, putting steak sauce on a nicely cooked steak or spaghetti sauce on some rewarmed leftovers can be a mess. But with a little practice, it can be a breeze and your food will thank you.

Instead of your clothes being grumpy.
Let’s take the example of A1 steak sauce being put on a steak. There are many different ways we can do this here. If your steak is cut up, you can slowly yet lightly glop it on to a free spot within your plate. Put a finger where the sauce comes out to feel how fast it does come out. After a few times doing this, you will know by your own motion how much you need and how much not to tilt the bottle over.

Now, if your steak isn’t cut up, you can lightly poor a little bit on to your steak. Remember to use your finger if you’ve never done it before…or ask for a little help with guidance. After all, we aren’t all pros for the first time right?

The reason I am mentioning this is besides someone asking some time ago about it, giving the recipe for my spaghetti can be a little messy: I just wanted to give a little warning for next week and for folks who do cook steaks or make sandwiches with dressings that are totally Blind or low vision…well, now you can fix your ketch-up or mayonnaise just the way you want it or what ever. Mayonnaise…use a spoon and carefully glaze on top, the same may go with other ingredients you might use for other recipes. But stay tuned for
Seanisy’s Spaghetti.

It’s sure to fill you up, and have you wanting thirds. See you all next Monday, and if you have any questions, you can tweet me directly @seanisy or e-mail me.

A Blind beginners' breakfast


What would you like for breakfast…serial?
Pop tarts?
What you want is bacon and a few boiled eggs and toast?!
Yeah, I do!!!

***And there it is***
How do you cook these things being totally Blind: and you don’t know how to even boil water! I mean, it’s different than being burned in the tub: you can’t cook with that…no, no, no no no. This is how you do it the right way.

First deal with the person you were having this conversation with: smile while heading to the kitchen and find these things:
*A dependable timer
* 1 sauce pot (a not too small one for the eggs)
A stove, hot plate, or a electric frying pan will do nicely for the bacon.
*Last but not least, a toaster

Fill the pot a little over half way…more closer to the top than half way with water. Gently put two or more eggs in to the pan and turn the heat up a little over half-way. Now, the bacon…don’t worry about the eggs…that will take a little while. At least 15-30 minutes.

Now for the feared bacon, if you have an electric frying pan you can put a lid on it while it’s cooking. If not you can microwave it or the most challenging way…cook it in a actual frying pan.

The microwave requires a special plate for the bacon: but let’s focus on the hard way. If your like me, you love a challenge anyway.
Before you turn the eye on the stove to get the pan hot for the bacon, lay your bacon out in the pan first. That way, you won’t get burned. Turn your heat up half way to fry the bacon and wait till it’s getting quiet (3 to 5 minutes depending on the thickness of it).

When it starts getting quiet and smells good, take a fork and CAREFULLY turn the bacon over so it can cook on the other side. Careful of the grease, don’t drop it back down in the pan. As it gets quieter and you smell it getting more delicious, it should be done. Take a plate and put two paper towels down before you put the bacon down on them. This will absorb the grease from the bacon, and let it sit for 40 seconds or so. Then wrap the bacon up in the paper towel and slightly shake it a bit so you will get all the grease off both sides and return it to the plate.

Check your eggs, they usually bobble well in the water when they are close to being done, however I go by the time myself.
And the toaster, just put two slices of bread in, push the handle down, and they will pop up when done. The sighted person who was giving you a hard time, ya they have a part…to at least check and see if the toast ETC is to their liking.

This may take a little practice, but hey you’ll get breakfast going like a pro…just like I did without a sighted person. And yes, my home is still standing. 🙂

I love cooking myself, so if your curious to cook other things or would like to learn how to on certain foods, let us know.
Have a great day, Sean

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