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This blog was started by me (Stephie2010) on July 21st 2009. It was started in response to some questions I’d been having trouble answering that had been asked by some viewers of my videos. I’d begun making videos a year before this blog’s beginning, and I still make them though I haven’t in a really long time. September 8th 2007 is when I got my account with youtube, and May 20th 2008 is when the first living blind video was posted.

The first goal of this blog is, was, and always will be to answer any questions you may have. They will be answered as long as they aren’t inappropriate. If that happens they will be ignored.

The second goal of this blog is to try and bridge the gap between the blind and sighted communities. This is the same goal I had when I began my video series on Youtube so many years ago. I/we hope to do this in a variety of ways, and we hope that you find them useful in some way.

The third goal is to help blind or visually impaired people. Whether that is through support, telling stories, sharing information we’ve gathered, giving out useful websites and links, or answering questions you might have.

Here’s the schedule for when we plan to post. Note: sometimes we may deviate from this schedule. The reasons for doing this may vary, but rest assured we are doing it on purpose.

Monday: college/ school experience day. Where we tell stories about our college and school experience, share advice or information that we’ve picked up over the years, or answer questions relating to school or college if we can. We also have a couple of series that we’ve started. One is about cooking, and the other is about blind people who have jobs, or other wise inspire other people.

Tuesday: Tech Day. This is the day where I or someone else talks about websites, apps, or other pieces of technology that I or they find interesting or helpful in some way.

Wednesday: Question Day. This is the day set aside to answer questions that you or someone else has asked me/us. We may also use this day to pose questions of our own to you in the hope that you may no the answer. At some point we’ll have a parrent day on Wednesday as well.

Thursday: Travel day. Which is the day when I or someone else will be talking about our experiences with the long white cane, or telling about experiences with our guide dogs. We may even tell stories about guide dogs from the past. We may even give travel tips that we’ve learned from experience.

Friday through Sunday are catch up days. Just in case we miss a day or three. Though, usually we use that time to take a break from writing on this blog.

Remember that this schedule is subject to change any time I or someone else wishes to change it.
The following sentences list the seven other authors who may at some point fill in for me, or who will generally be posting whenever they feel like it. The first author’s name is yanagram. The second author on this blog is Matt692. The third author is seanisy. The fourth one is Faithie. The fifth author is canadianlynx. the sixth member is dmills87, and the seventh member is Francesca Marinaro. (click on our name to see just the stuff we’ve posted, as well as our profiles.

We also tend to have guests from time to time, so if you would like to be a guest blogger, podcaster, or both get in touch with us. You can find the contact information for the blog on our “contact us” page. Please use the contact information relevant to the blog, and not our personal information. When you contact us for this, or any other blog related purpose. Thanks!

We hope you enjoy your trip around the site, and that you find what you’re looking for. If not, keep looking, find our contact page, and get in touch.
Thanks for reading!

5 Responses to About the Living Blind Blog

  1. very good website congratulations my name hugo

  2. Dee2 says:

    I am in the beginning stages of starting to blog. I am a 50 year old, single mother of 3 teenagers. I have much to say regarding being a mom; single; blind and the occasional prejudices I encounter; and struggling as a writer.

    I would love any advice anyone would have to share in gettingmy site up and running!


  3. Sam says:

    Hey. Was told about this blog through a good friend Robert Kingett who has recently written an intro post. I’m 27 and totally blind. My focus is advocacy around mental health/ mental illness as I deal with this personally on a day to day basis. Would love to share my posts or write specifically on mental health/ human services issues related to being blind. Will read this blog and hopefully connect with you all.

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