A Christmas gift for you

Hello! Guess what day it is? It’s Christmas Eve! I hope you’re having a good christmas and you’re getting all of the presents your little heart desires. Are you ready for another one? Are you really, really ready?

*clears throat* livingblindblog has a brand new, shiny email address. Unlike the last one this one won’t disappear. So now you can send us all of those questions (and articles) that you’ve been dying to send us and someone will actually respond. (It’ll probably be me) So what are you waiting for? Start sending! Oh… uh… I guess the email address would help, right? It’s found here (no spam please!) and please make the subject line relivent to your email. For instance, if I was going to send a question to someone I would write something along the lines of: “Question for you” in the subject line.

Thanks for reading and have a merry Christmas and if you don’t celebrate Christmas happy whatever holiday you celebrate. If you don’t celebrate a holiday happy Sunday! Do I have all my bases covered now? *nods* I think I do. Well… thanks for reading!

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I'm studying to get my B/S in special education, I've been blind my whole life, and no, I don't have a guidedog.

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