I gotta have a print version too?

Apparently I do. I gotta have the print version of all of my textbooks before I can get the same textbooks in an accessible formatt that I can read. Why is this? Apparently it’s something to do with copyright laws, or something.

The short end of the story is that I’ve never had to order my own books. I just went to the college’s bookstore (when I attended classes on campus), and they helped me out. So, I’m completely lost. I have no clue what I’m doing. I still wish I didn’t have to buy print editions just to get one that I can read. That makes absolutely no sense to me. I can understand it if they have to scan it in, and create a P. D. F. or whatever. But getting those formatts from the publisher? I don’t understand the logic behind that one.

I guess I’ll keep trying until someone helps me out. I emailed the person in charge of the office of disabilities at my new college. So, we’ll see what happens. Now I’m going to go work on homework, and try not to think about giving myself a headache.

Thanks for reading!

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I'm studying to get my B/S in special education, I've been blind my whole life, and no, I don't have a guidedog.
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2 Responses to I gotta have a print version too?

  1. Hi. I also don’t understand why you should have to do this. Have you checked with Bookshare or Learning Ally to see if these books are available?

    • stephie2010 says:

      The college that I’m attending now doesn’t have a partnership with Learning Ally. I’ve always gotten print books at my old college, so I never actually thought about it until I actually had to buy them. Thank goodness I’m taking a couple of classes through my old college, so I get to rent those books.

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