Dance Show-Related Issues, and How to Fix Them

Yes, it’s Faithie. So glad to be blogging again for this blog. I honestly didn’t have a lot to talk about, but now, I definitely do. Most of you may, or may not know that I am a dancer, a visually impaired one at that, as well as a partial wheelchair dancer. It is now time again for show preparations. That, in itself is an exciting, fun, and challenging process rolled up into one. This year is a bit more interesting though, and a bit challenging too. We will be dancing on a white floor in the theatre we are performing at in May.

Now, that, in itself isn’t a problem. I honestly think it’s a kinda neat concept, especially visually. There is one problem though, however, and that is the issue of contrast. Trying to not give too much of the piece away, but some of the dancers are wearing white wings. White wings… white floor… see the problem? We, however, have found a solution for this problem. I keep saying it’s all about the support you have from fellow dancers to help solve visual issues that may arise, at any time. This situation was no different.

I will say this, this problem would only occur if someone  had issues with contrast, and who had enough sight to even worry about that sort of thing. Each year there has been some sort of visual issue, whether it be with contrast, or simply not being able to see something. All these situations have always been looked at, and fixed accordingly. This honestly is what makes me a successful visually impaired dancer. Communication is the key!

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