The last straw!

I know that we normally do college stuff on Monday, but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to post this story, so if you would please bare with me that’d be great. Here goes nothing!
A week or so ago we were in this heatwave thing. We had heat advisories, and everything. So, my dad decides that we’re going to go to class about 10-20 minutes early. Once we got there however, he discovered that there was another class happening in the classroom where I’d normally have class. (surprise, Surprise!) So we just stood in the hallway for a few minutes against the wall.
When we walked down the hallway my instructor came up to me, and said “I need to talk to you.” I said “Okay.” He proceeds to tell me that he was wrong, that he does in fact need to see my Office of disabilities card (more on that in another blog.), and that when I’d asked before he’d said that he honestly didn’t care, and meant it. (he’s an easy going guy.) He said that he’d gotten an email about it that morning, and asked that I show it to him when he came in the classroom. Before he walked away he said “I’ll be there in a few minutes.” (keep this in mind because I’ll come back to it later.) I agree, everything’s fine, and he walks away.
The next thing I know my dad’s walking away from me, and down the hall where my instructor is trying and failing to find something. (what he’s trying to find isn’t important to the story.) The next thing I hear is my dad asking “Did you need to see this card?” (refer to our conversation in the paragraph above.) So, the instructor starts looking at my card, and asking questions of… you guessed it… my dad. Also, what else was he suppose to do? I mean, my dad pretty much shoved the stupid card in his face.
Anyway, long story short. If you have to take your child to college/school for whatever reason let them advocate for themselves especially if they’re old enough too. I’d say start advocating for yourself (I’m talking to the children here, but this is also good advice for parents) as a teenager, perhaps younger, or slightly older. That is of course depending on both you, the parent/parents, and everyone else who could/should teach you how to advocate for yourself. I realize that you are mommy or daddy, but at this point (college) your child should know how to speak up for themselves. If they can’t speak up for themselves, that’s a completely different story. Most of all please pay attention. If your child just had a whole complete conversation with professor/instructor/teacher about what they need to give them, what they need to do, or whatever in the classroom don’t then go and pretty much undermine your kid. I’m speaking from experience when I say that it’s both annoying, and embarrassing for your child. It makes them feel less independent. Also, remember that once your child reaches college it is then their responsibility to complete their homework. Shouldn’t it then be their responsibility to make sure their accommodations are being met, to meet with professor/instructor/teacher if they have problems or questions, and most importantly shouldn’t they be responsible for everything that goes along with that?
Conclusion to the story:
In case anyone is wondering I came home, ranted to my mom, and she said she’d talk to my dad. Though, it probably should have been me I’m glad she did. So far he seems to be doing slightly better. There were other parts of the story that I didn’t include here because I didn’t feel like it was relevant to this blog, he’s still struggling with some of those things I think, and I can’t say for certain he won’t undermine me again. A situation like the one that presented itself a week or so ago hasn’t occurred yet.

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